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IPG 4000W fiber laser cutting machine performance test
The video shows you the test results of a 4000W fiber laser cutting machine cutting different types of metals. You can see that whether you are cutting highly reflective metals such as brass, aluminum, galvanized sheet, or thick carbon steel, the quality of the cut parts is very high. The operator shows you the cutting effect of each metal piece, and we can see that their cutting edges are free of burrs and dross, which means that you can directly put them into the next process, saving the cost of manual secondary treatment time and energy.
This 4000W fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with an IPG laser generator, which has the advantage that it can be used to cut highly reflective metals. We all know that in the field of laser cutting, the cutting of highly reflective metals has always been a difficult problem for fiber laser cutting machines. This is because highly reflective materials such as copper and aluminum have a low absorption rate of laser light and will reflect the laser beam a lot. Lasers are prone to burrs or cracks in the process of cutting highly reflective metals, and even damage the laser generator in severe cases. Therefore, not all fiber laser cutting machines can cut highly reflective materials, which has a lot to do with laser generator technology and machine parameter adjustment. The IPG fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of laser cutting equipment that can cut highly reflective materials.
For the effect of cutting highly reflective materials, we conducted a total of five tests. The first is to test the cutting of 2.5mm copper and 2.5mm galvanized sheet. At this time, the speed of the metal laser cutting machine can reach 60mm/s. This speed is very suitable for batch processing of copper workpieces and galvanized sheet workpieces. IPG fiber laser cutting machine has fast cutting speed and high processing precision. Especially in the process of cutting galvanized sheet, we processed a very complex design pattern, you can see that even a very fine sawtooth structure, the fiber laser cutting machine can accurately complete the processing. This high-precision cutting advantage is very suitable for processing precision instrument accessories.
Laser cut galvanized sheet effect
Next we tested carbon steel cutting, which was an 18mm carbon steel plate, and the operator completed the cut at a speed of 11mm/s. Generally, a 4000W fiber laser cutting machine can cut carbon steel plates up to 22mm thick, but if you need to cut in batches, we recommend that your carbon steel plates be below 15mm, which will give you an ideal cutting speed.
Finally, we did a cutting test on a 6mm aluminum plate and an 8mm copper plate. The cutting speed of 6mm aluminum plate is 34mm/s, and the cutting speed of 8mm copper plate is 16mm/s. Material cuts at this speed have smooth workpiece edges. Generally, the fiber laser cutting machine with the same power can cut carbon steel more than stainless steel, and aluminum is higher than copper. In order to obtain faster cutting speed or achieve greater cutting thickness, you need to choose a more powerful metal laser cutting machine.
Through this video, you can clearly understand the performance advantages of IPG 4000W fiber laser cutting machine. If you want to know the cutting performance of laser cutting machines in other power ranges, tell us online, and we will provide you with detailed metal cutting videos to show the effects of different machines.
Laser cutting effect display

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