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Advantages of ACCTEK 10000 watt fiber laser cutting machine
With the continuous development of fiber laser, the power of laser cutting machine is also increasing. At present, high-power fiber laser cutting machines of 10000 watts are very common in the market, and the technical requirements for metal laser cutting equipment are also constantly improving with the improvement of high power.
The sturdiness of the machine bed is particularly important for the high-power fiber laser cutting machine. As we all know, high-power laser will generate huge heat in the cutting process, and the machine bed will be directly exposed to the laser beam, which will have a great impact on the bed. The high temperature generated by the laser beam will cause the internal temperature of the bed to rise. The bed is very easy to deform after long-time batch cutting of metal, which will affect the strength and accuracy of the bed, reduce the cutting accuracy, and affect the quality of the finished cutting products.
ACCTEK high power fiber laser cutting machine adopts 10000 watt industrial heavy bed, with CNC high temperature tempering stress relief treatment. The structure is solid, which can ensure that the machine body will not be deformed during long-term use. The machine adopts a large enclosure structure and is made of overall fire-resistant steel materials. Even if the metal is cut in batches for a long time, it can also have higher safety performance.
Advantages of ACCTEK 10000 watt fiber laser cutting machine:
1. Laser cutting head auto focusing. Fast and accurate focusing, which saves more time and has better effect when cutting metal with laser.
2. Double worktable design: the design of the exchange platform makes it more convenient to change materials during the work process, saving the time for loading sheet metal when the machine is stopped.
3. Fast cutting speed. Laser cutting is less affected by the environment, can achieve high energy output in a short time, and cutting speed is fast. The laser cutting process does not require tools to fix the metal plate, saving the time for clamping the workpiece and improving the working efficiency of the workshop.
4. High cutting accuracy. The positioning accuracy of the fiber laser cutting machine is 0.05mm, and the repeated positioning accuracy is 0.02mm. The non-contact cutting method is adopted, so that the workpiece deformation is minimal during the processing and the finished product quality is higher.
The biggest advantage of high-power fiber laser cutting machine is reflected in the application of fast cutting thick plates and air cutting thin plates. When cutting sheet metal of the same thickness, the speed of 12kW laser cutting machine is about 21% faster than that of 10kW laser cutting machine. In terms of cutting thickness, the current 12KW laser cutting machine can cut 50mm thick stainless steel. Although the 10000 watt laser cutting machine is relatively expensive, its production efficiency is also very high, which can bring higher productivity to enterprises.
In addition, when using a high-power metal laser cutting machine to cut thin plates, higher cutting quality can be obtained even under air cutting. One advantage of using compressed air cutting is that it can reduce the use cost of auxiliary gas, because air is much cheaper than nitrogen. Therefore, replacing the high-power laser metal cutting machine with high-pressure compressed air can reduce the operating cost of users.
Through the working video of 15KW laser cutting machine and the above introduction, you can know that our 10000 watt fiber laser cutting machine has such comprehensive properties as ultra-high stability, strong cutting ability and high-quality cutting effect. If your enterprise is in the rapid development stage of expanding the market scale and increasing the market share of products, it is necessary to add a high-power metal laser cutting machine to your workshop. It is believed that with the rapid development of industrialization, high-power fiber laser cutting machine will become more and more popular.

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