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The most efficient 30KW fiber laser cutting machine for sale

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With the continuous development of the industry, the metal processing industry has require higher requirements for laser cutting machine. The 10kw 20kw 30kw fiber laser cutting machine are widely favored and used at the metal manufacturing industry because of their high power, fast speed, good quality ect. 30KW fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for various sheet metal processing of the metal manufacturing industry. It can achieve one processing molding, smooth cutting surface, and no follow-up processing. Greatly improved the production efficiency of the factory and promoted the development of the company.
Compared with ordinary small and medium -power laser cutting machines, high -power fiber cutting machines are more widely used. Because of its high power, there is no problem with cutting plates and workpieces with various thickness.
High power fiber laser cutting machine

What material the high power fiber laser cutting machine cutting and for what application?

For Carbon, stainless steel, mild steel,brass, aluminum, copper, galvanized sheet, silicon steel sheet,titanium alloy, manganese alloy electrolytic plate etc cutting work.
Widely used at rail transit, construction machinery, automobiles, electrical manufacturing,agricultural and forestry machinery, elevator manufacturing, household appliances, food machinery, kitchen ware and bathroom,textile machinery, tool processing, food machinery, advertising, petroleum machinery, laser external processing services and other machinery manufacturing and processing industries.
Fiber laser cutting machine is a common processing equipment in metal processing. High -power optical fiber laser cutting machine has become an inevitable trend of market competition and user practice applications. In the years after the appearance of the fiber laser cutting machine, the power has continued to innovate. From the initial 500W to the current 3000W, or even 4000W, so the power is getting higher and higher. What is the high power high power fiber laser cutting machine advantage?
1.More metal thickness cutting increasing
At present, the thickness of the high -power laser cutting machine cutting carbon steel plates can reach 80mm, and the thickness of the stainless steel plate can reach 100mm. With the continuous upgrading of laser cutting technology, the cut thickness of the plate will continue to increase.
2.Cutting efficiency improving  
The ultra -high -power 30KW fiber laser cutting machine has significant advantages such as high -speed cutting, bright surface cutting, and thick plate cutting to meet the cutting needs of ultra -thick plates. In addition, the metal cutting equipment has also made great breakthroughs in terms of technology. On the one hand, carbon steel air is super clean. The 30kW laser cutting machine can achieve 6-35mm carbon steel air cutting almost no burrs, saving costs and improved efficiency. On the other hand, the carbon steel oxygen is quickly cut, the speed of carbon steel oxygen cutting can reach 3.8m/min, and the speed increases by 110%
3. Save cost
Compared the original power , the efficiency has been improved at least 6 times, which saves you more time costs, which also greatly reduces the processing cost per meter. More importantly, the higher -quality section effect after cutting brings you higher the higher -quality section effect to bring you higher to you higher The added value of the product. Really achieved "better, faster, and more saving"! The improvement of power is not only the improvement of cutting efficiency, but also to bring you a significant increase in processing income, and saving more costs.
30KW laser cutting metal

How much working area we often sale?

30KW fiber laser cutting machine we often sale some big area. 6000*2000mm/6000*2500mm/2500*8000mm/10000mm×2500mm/12000mm×2500mm/12500mm×2800mm are original sale size, but we support customization, we can do any size you want.

Why choose Acctek company metal fiber laser cutting machine and what special design of your high power fiber laser machine?

Acctek is the original machine manufacture, start at 2005 year, about 18 years, are producing cnc router, fiber laser cutting machine, laser cleaning/welding, metal mould machine and co2 laser machine, over 7 years of experience in assembly workers, super strong after-sales team, hot famous at Europe. Here show you some advantage of our 30kw fiber metal laser cutting machine.
1. Full cover 30kw fiber metal laser cutting machine with visual collision protection function, avoiding the safety accident during the machine work.
2. Heavy welding bed,the bed is welded by the overweight steel plate, high stability, application dehuminating annealing technology, high temperature resistance to difficult to deform, internal reinforcement blessing, high -speed exercise does not shake.
3. Good stability MAX and IPG laser source option, easy to maintenance and easy for repair in local market,high cut efficiency for medium thick metals.
4. High-end intelligent cutting system,Intelligent focus, accurate focus; lightweight and slender design, dexterous operation; acceleration 2.0g, rapid and stable perforation; maximum support for 100mm plate cutting.
5. High efficiency auto exchange able platform, double table working, easy change the metal material.
6. Use the fourth -generation aviation aluminum beam, manufacture of aerospace standards, and use 4,300 tons of pressure squeezing molding. After the processing processing, the hardness can reach T6.It is the strongest beam with the strongest hardness, with good toughness and ductility, high accuracy, light weight and strong load capacity.
7. Segmental smoke design,every section of the bed has a smoke exhaust device with accurate smoke, and the siege of the axis flowers is adsorbed 360 degree, which will filter out the harmful gases, smoke, and dusty dust.
Fiber laser cutting machine

How to buy the fiber laser cutting machine for metal?

As a professional fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer in China, we provide 1000W, 1500W, 2000W low -power metal laser cutting machine; 2000W, 3000W 4000W 6000W power metal laser cutting machine; 8000W, 12000W high -power metal laser cutting machine and Ultra-high -power metal laser cutting machine 15kW, 20KW,30KW. 
These fiber laser cutting machines are applied for plates of different thickness, which can quickly complete the work with high precision. If you want know more about the high power metal fiber laser cutting machine, welcome send the message to us. Hope for your join and build a long time business with us!

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