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How much does it cost to buy a fiber laser cutting machine

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Cost of fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machines, which are currently more expensive than CO2 laser cutting machine, are in greater demand. It ranges from $20,000 to $200,000. But the running cost of fiber laser cutting machine is lower than that of CO2 laser cutting machine. The installation of a fiber laser cutter is different from a CO2 laser cutting machine in that it does not require any type of mirror or other equipment to install. So what are the factors related to the cost of fiber laser cutting machine?
First, let's understand the composition of the following fiber laser cutting machine. This kind of CNC equipment professionally used for metal cutting includes laser cutting head, laser generator, motor, CNC system, machine tool, laser lens, etc. The configuration of these core components occupies a very important position in the cost of laser cutting machine. The higher the power of the fiber laser cutting machine, the higher the cost of the fiber laser cutting machine. When choosing a steel laser cutting machine, you must first determine how thick the material you are cutting is, so that you can buy the most suitable machine within the best budget.
Secondly, the assembly technology of the fiber laser cutting machine is also one of the factors affecting its cost. Even with the same accessories, the running speed and cutting accuracy of the machine after being assembled by different skilled workers will be different. Therefore, a successful laser cutting machine manufacturer will pay great attention to details, whether in the procurement of accessories, or in the production, commissioning and inspection of the machine. And will spend a lot of money to recruit excellent technical teams to develop more convenient and efficient laser cutting equipment.
Then there is the post-sale service is also a very important factor. Especially when you buy a fiber laser cutting machine for the first time, you may need a professional technician to help you get familiar with and use the machine correctly in the process of operating the machine. Powerful fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers often have professional technical teams who can help you faster and more efficiently. In addition to after-sales service, the longer the warranty period of accessories, the greater the protection for users, and the warranty period of accessories is closely related to the quality of accessories. Therefore, the more powerful laser cutting machine manufacturers provide the higher machine cost, which also means that you will get better service guarantee.
In addition to the cost of the fiber laser metal cutting machine itself, there will be a part of the operating cost and consumables cost during the use of the machine. Of course, these costs are very low relative to other traditional metal cutting equipment. This includes the cost of electricity, the cost of auxiliary gas and the replacement cost of the lens, but due to the high stability of the fiber laser cutting machine, its maintenance cost is very low. In the long run, the use of metal laser cutting machines can create higher value for enterprises.
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Market segmentation

From a market research point of view, it has been reported clearly that the laser cutting machine market is a loyal supporter of modern technology that can be used to shape its applications.
Based on this principle, the market is now divided into two parts. The first part is the use of solid laser cutting machine, namely CO2 laser cutting machine; The second part is fiber laser cutting machine. In all the reports and investigations, it is very clear that the high efficiency and high laser cutting performance of optical fiber laser cutting machines are expected to take the market share compared with other laser cutting technologies. Fiber laser cutting machine can process metal materials, it is used by many industries to replace CO2 laser.

Competitive analysis

The global laser cutting machine market is experiencing a new period of development, but also in a fluctuating state. However, both access to decent and good resources, coupled with an affordable workforce, has contributed to the overall growth of the optical fiber laser cutting machine market, not CO2 laser cutting machines.
There are more external factors to this growth.The expansion of the optical fiber laser cutting machine market and the strategic roadmap used by the market companies are also contributing to the growing market for this machine.In addition, the service and product revolution is also enhancing the productivity and market of optical fiber laser cutting machines.This helps manufacturers influence trends in order to dominate the market.

How much does a laser cutting machine cost?

The cost of a laser cutting machine is something that should be considered when deciding on a machine budget. When deciding who users will choose, it is also important to keep in mind the fact that different manufacturers differ from one another.For professionals, you should always consider professionals CNC laser cutting machine. These companies have spent a considerable amount of time in the market knowing the exact requirements of the operators who approach them.Besides, they made a good offer for them, which was reasonable.
However, it should also be noted that the quality of laser engraving machines and cutting machines may vary due to different specifications and configurations in terms of laser power, type, tube, lens, mirror, etc.
As a professional manufacturer of CNC and fiber laser cutting machines, CNC believes in providing 24/7 person-to-person free service and support. This helps them understand what their customers really want. However, going back to the laser engraving/cutting machine price range, which typically ranges from $3,000.00 to $300,000.00, this includes CO2 laser machines and fiber laser machines. As mentioned earlier, the price of the machine may increase or decrease depending on the configuration and requirements of the operating company. The following introduces the several commonly used fiber laser cutting machines prices.
The cheapest price for a 1KW laser cutting machine is $17,300, which can cut up to 10mm carbon steel and 5mm stainless steel. Even for high-speed batch processing, the 1KW laser metal cutting machine still has good cutting results for carbon steel within 6mm and stainless steel within 3mm. If you still need to cut high reflective materials such as aluminum and copper, it is recommended that you choose IPG fiber laser cutting machine, which guarantees the cutting effect and reduces damage to the laser generator. The high technology and high performance of the IPG laser generator determine its more expensive price. The 1KW IPG fiber laser cutting machine cost is 26,000 US dollars. But not the most expensive machine is the most suitable. If you do not have highly reflective materials to process, then ordinary fiber laser cutting machines can fully meet your production needs.
The fiber laser cutting machine cost has a lot to do with its power. We mentioned the price of the 1KW laser cutting machine above. In fact, the maximum power of the fiber laser cutting machine can reach 12KW, and its cost is about 100,000 US dollars. As for how much power to choose, it depends on how thick the metal you need to cut and the requirements for the cutting speed of the metal. The 12KW fiber laser cutting machine can cut up to 40mm carbon steel and 30mm stainless steel plate. This high-power metal laser cutting machine is often suitable for processing thick metal projects such as building materials and industrial pipes.
In addition to the power of the laser generator, the configuration of the fiber laser cutting machine also has a great impact on its price. The same laser metal cutting machine, if you want it to be able to cut both metal plates and metal pipes, then you can add a rotary axis device to it. This kind of rotary laser cutting machine cost often needs to increase more than 14,000 US dollars on the basis of the same sheet metal laser cutting machine. Although it is more expensive, for users who need to cut pipes, it is more affordable than buying a pipe laser cutting machine separately, and it does not take up additional work space.
In addition to the rotary axis unit, you can also add a second worktable to your metal laser cutting machine. The machine with double table can reduce the time of downtime for laying sheets and improve the productivity of the workshop. If you are more concerned about safety in the process of cutting metal, then you can choose a large enclosure structure for the machine. The fiber laser cutting machine of this design is fully enclosed during operation, and the user can monitor the cutting situation in real time through the display screen on the outside of the fuselage. You don't have to look directly at the laser, and there's no fear of sparks flying out.
There are many types of fiber laser metal cutting machines, and their price differences are also very large. At present, this kind of high-tech CNC metal cutting equipment is still developing continuously. With the continuous innovation of technology and the decline in the cost of accessories, the price of laser cutting machines will also become a trend with the reduction. Of course, equipment with more advanced technology will always be more expensive, and it will also create greater benefits. It is believed that in the future metal cutting market, fiber laser cutting machine will become an irreplaceable mainstream equipment.
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Understand usage:
Perhaps, before making a purchase, ask yourself this question: "Why would I even consider buying laser cutting machine?" Is this part of my long-term plan, or is it a one-time use?"
Now, put your heads together and understand why you need this cnc laser cutter machine. While there may be many different reasons in mind, some of them may be that this is a future investment you've made for the company, but if you have a clear idea of value, you won't regret any future regrets that might arise.
The press may bear the lowest cost per unit, but depending on the quantity required, this can be changed.When we talk about metal stamping, we are talking about the need to invest in molds and other things.
In addition, one can also consider choosing a traditional turret punch, which can help cut holes and shapes, which is also a very economical way, but it also requires tools. No machine, even a punch press, can produce the speed of a fiber laser cutter.
Fiber laser cutting machine is far superior to high definition plasma cutting system in cutting thick metal material. It is a good decision to use abrasive water jet to treat thick material.

China's position in this market:
Fiber laser cutting machine has become the main source of metal material processing. And China is leading the way in providing the machine to the market.According to industrial Laser Solutions, more than 60 percent of the laser processing market is regulated in China. What is interesting is the positive effect of laser machine price reduction. This effect has been seen in a large and rapid application such as metal cutting, cleaning, welding and marking, where the price results in sensitive specifications by the user.
In addition, 30,000 and 6,000 medium-power laser cutting systems and high-power laser cutting systems were sold in 2018, respectively, according to industrial laser solutions. In addition, 130,000 laser markers were sold in China.
All of this aside, one can see the growth of ultraviolet and ultra-fast lasers. While these lasers are mainly used for 3C applications, the most obvious is that at least 15,000 uv lasers are sold exclusively in China. 20,000 units are expected to be sold this year.
The scale of China's laser market has improved since 2015, and the transformation of traditional industries has become an advantage.Good economic growth from 2015 to 2020.
So this is why you should buy a Chinese fiber laser cutter or any other place in the world. Just remember to always understand the purpose behind a purchase and do research on the machine you are considering investing in before choosing to buy. This will help you figure this out and will help you get the right cnc machine for your store/company to use.
Fiber laser cutting machine

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