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Professional tube laser cutting machine for sale

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New style fiber tube laser cutting machine AKJ60F, it is a general-purpose laser tube cutting machine that can meet almost all cutting needs, whether it is light or heavy pipe, it can cut. The cutting length is 6 meters, 9 meters and 12 meters to choose, and diameter 220mm, 300mm, 500mm to choose. Customers can customize the cutting diameter and length of the machine according to their daily cutting needs. It can process a variety of special-shaped pipes with a diameter of less than 220mm. It has many advantages such as high cutting precision and diversified processing. No matter what industry you are in and need a high-quality metal tube laser cutting machine, you can choose AKJ60F series. If you want to know more about this machine, please follow us: 
Tube laser cutting machine
Feature One of Tube Laser Cutting Machine--Cutting precision:
1) Multifunction cutting for round, square, rectangle and oval pipes
2) It can straight cut, angle cut, make holes, etc.
3) Smooth and burr-free cutting.
4) Cutting loss 0.1mm/cut only.
5) Excellent cutting accuracy ±1mm.
Feature Two of Tube Laser Cutting Machine--Chuck fix materials: 
1) Full pneumatic chuck, professional pipe cutting.
2) The chuck adopts a four-jaw hollow rotary pneumatic chuck, its speed can reach more than 150 revolutions.
3) Fast clamping response time to protect and avoid pinching the pipe.
4) Different specifications need to replace the corresponding specifications of the chuck, the replacement time is 3 minutes.
Features Three of Tube Laser Cutting Machine --Feeding materials: 
1) Roller feeding, six feeding rollers clamp the pipe, feeding cycle does not need to be reset, reducing the waiting time and greatly improving the cutting efficiency.
2) Simultaneously loading and cutting
Features Four of Tube Laser Cutting Machine --Automatic loading materials as optional: 
The tubes will be automatically aligned in the loader. The transmission will load up the tube in turn from storage area to alignment area. The limiting device in the alignment area will keep the tubes in correct order. If you need to change to cut tubes with different OD, please use the hand wheel to adjust the height of limiting.
After know the basic information and features of fiber laser tube cutting machine. If we confirm that you need, how to choose the fiber laser tube cutting machine. We hope it is with good quality, high performance, also with good service. After checking the below information, you can got the fiber laser tube cutting machine.
1. We can provide all high quality laser heads on the market. It's been tested by us for a long time.
2. Different brands of laser sources, different laser power are available. The higher power, the thicker cutting thickness.
3. Servo Motor. By adding and improving vibration suppression function, it can improve the following performance and shorten the setting time.
4. Cypcut Control System. Can remotely control computers and machines, adjust parameters and solve problems.
5. Auto lubrication system is applied to lubricate the machine rail and block in order that it runs smoothly and fast, improving the working efficiency.
6. Adopted Taiwan Hiwin linear guide rail, high positioning accuracy, scroll guide, reduce wear to maintain accuracy for a longer time.
All of our fiber laser cutting machines use original high-quality accessories, no copy, no second hand goods. With high quality and new version parts in the market, it can ensure the metal tube laser cutting machine  with better performance. When you choose the fiber laser tube cutting machine, you should consider it.
Laser Cut Round Tube

Other information you will be interest. 

1. How long is the warranty time of the machine?
We offer 36 months warranty, The warranty time for laser generator 24 months. And we offer lifetime technical supports.
2. How can I use the machine?
We offer on-site free operation training for customer in our factory. User manual, installation and operation videos are available. If you still have doubts, welcome to contact us anytime. And oversea service is available, clients need to afford the tickets ,visa and accommodation and 100USD per day.
3. What are the wearing parts?
The wearing parts for laser machine are including protection lens and laser cutting nozzle, etc. Normally 1pc len and 1pc nozzle can use for 1 week to 2months, depends on the machine usage condition. The cost for them are about USD8/pc. We suggest you have 50-100pcs each part for spare. 
4.What should I do if this machine has a problem during the warranty?
Our engineers offer 24 hours online service and free technical support.
Most components are free for replacement during warranty, such as PLC, touch screen, servo motor, laser generator, etc. Customer only need to pay for the courier cost.
5. How strong is your company?
We are a professional metal tube processing equipment manufacturer with 15 years experience. We have professional R&D department and after-sales department to offer you the best solution and technical support.
Our this fiber laser cutting machine not only can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, also can cut some high reflected materials, such as the aluminum and copper. Meet some customer ' s needs. Tube fiber laser cutting machine is widely use in medical equipment, fitness equipment, educational equipment, engineering guardrails, high-end furniture, exhaust ducts, auto parts, frame production,kitchenware and bathroom industries.
If you are not sure about the laser tube cutting machine whether can do your work. We can provide you with working videos so that you can directly judge. Communicate with the staff online to get the professional help, our seller will help you to get the suitable laser cutting machine
Our business is to improve your business. Choose Acctek Machinery, life will be better.

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