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Why buy a high power fiber laser cutting machine

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In 2015, fiber laser cutting machines with power below 4000W were common in the workshops of metal manufacturers. Since 2020, the use of 6000W or higher power laser cutting machines has gradually increased. High power fiber laser cutting machine account for more than 50% of the sales of ACCTEK LASER laser cutting machines, because higher power laser cutting machines can bring more benefits to users, so that more and more metal manufacturing Businesses began to tend to choose them.
Fiber laser cutting machine

Advantages of high power fiber laser cutting machine

Increased productivity and workpiece quality benefits can be realized when using higher power fiber laser cutters for metal processing. More powerful metal cutting equipment means users can increase the cutting range, increase the cutting speed, increase the piercing speed and improve the edge quality of the part.
Greater metal cutting range
High powered metal laser cutters mean thicker materials can be cut. For all metal types, the cutting range increases with power. The most basic 1000W laser cutting machine can cut up to 10mm carbon steel and 5mm stainless steel; 3000W laser cutting machine can cut up to 20mm carbon steel and 10mm stainless steel; 8000W high-power fiber laser cutting machine can cut up to 30mm carbon steel and 25mm stainless steel; 12000W High power metal laser cutting machine can cut up to 40mm carbon steel and 30mm stainless steel. In addition, high-power fiber laser cutting machines also have speed and quality advantages for cutting copper and aluminum.
High power metal laser cutting machine can use nitrogen and high pressure compressed air to increase the cutting range. As we all know, laser cutting metal requires the use of different gases to assist in cutting to achieve higher workpiece quality. According to the test of our technicians, the high power fiber laser cutting machine can obtain higher cutting quality even under air cutting. One of the benefits of cutting with compressed air is that you can reduce the cost of using assist gas because air is much cheaper than nitrogen. Therefore, switching to a high-power laser metal cutting machine that uses high-pressure compressed air can reduce the user's operating costs.
Improve metal edge quality
Since the advent of fiber laser cutting machine, improving the edge quality of metal workpieces has been the focus of technological development. With the use of higher power metal laser cutters, you can noticeably see smoother, cleaner edge quality on your parts. This combination of high power and high speed can eliminate the problem of dross prone to metal cutting, and make the edge of the workpiece more beautiful, without the need for re-grinding.
Laser cutting metal
Faster metal cutting and piercing
Another advantage of high power fiber laser cutting machine is faster metal cutting, which increases shop throughput. For a single part, the speed of 10KW fiber laser cutting machine is more than 2 times faster than that of 4KW fiber laser cutting machine. The advantages of high power laser metal cutting machines are also reflected in the piercing speed, which is important for the complete nesting time. Because if you have a lot of workpieces or your workpiece needs to be pierced multiple times, then your nest cutting time will be greatly reduced due to the faster piercing speed of high power laser cutting.

What applications are high power fiber laser cutting machines suitable for?

Due to its faster cutting speed and larger cutting range, high-power metal laser cutters are ideal for OEMs who need to produce metal parts in high volume and metal cutting service providers with different cutting needs. High power laser metal cutting machines can make your workshop have higher performance and get more business orders.
Another ideal application for a high-power fiber laser cutter is cutting thicker aluminum parts. When high-power laser cutting and compressed air are combined to cut aluminum, it provides better, smoother edge quality while significantly reducing dross.
From the above analysis, you can see that high power fiber laser metal cutting machine can provide larger cutting range, higher cutting speed, faster piercing time and higher cutting quality. All these advantages can help you reduce the cost per product and gain more users' trust. This is why high power fiber laser cutting machines are becoming more and more popular in the market now.
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