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Best Handheld Laser Rust Removal Machine for Sale

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Are you looking for a handheld laser rust removal machine with 1000W, 1500W, 2000W or 3000W fiber laser power to clean metal surface rust? Do you want to know the real effect of laser rust removal? This article provides you with information on laser rust removal machines from various aspects. After understanding these contents, you can purchase a laser rust remover that suits the needs of the workshop. The correct equipment can maximize its value.
Since many products made of metal as raw materials are widely used in outdoor environments, it is a common chemical phenomenon that rust occurs on the metal surface after these products have been exposed to rain. If they are not derusted as soon as possible, the strength and toughness of the metal material will be reduced, which will affect the use of the product. At this time, choosing a laser rust remover can easily solve these problems.
In order to meet the needs of different workplaces, the laser rust remover needs to be highly portable. At present, our factory has launched a new handheld laser rust removal machine with a smaller body. Its overall size is 1040×640×870mm, and there are universal wheels installed at the bottom of the machine body, you can easily carry it to any workplace where rust removal is required. Although the body is small, it can choose 1000W, 1500W, 2000W fiber laser power. This high-power laser cleaning system can bring more efficient cleaning speed in industrial rust removal.
Handheld laser tust removal machine

What are the structures of the handheld laser rust removal machine?

The laser rust remover is a manual laser cleaning machine composed of a fiber laser generator, a laser rust removal gun, and a laser rust removal system. The fiber laser generator has high stability, and the comprehensive photoelectric efficiency is as high as 20%, which can save more power cost during the operation of laser rust removal. Moreover, the fiber laser generator can provide a high-quality laser beam with high reliability. Its structure also determines its maintenance-free feature, so the energy consumption and maintenance cost of the laser cleaning machine are very low. You can use it continuously in the rust removal action.
The handheld laser cleaning gun consists of QBH connector, collimation module, galvanometer module, wireless control module, focus lens protective window module, red light indicator module is composed of six basic units. The handle is ergonomically designed, making it more comfortable to hold, and it can reduce fatigue when working for a long time. The width of the light spot can be adjusted according to the area of ​​the cleaning material to make the rust removal more thorough. The light outlet of the laser cleaning head adopts a U-shaped design, which has a high dust-proof level, which can effectively avoid the damage of the laser lens caused by pollution.
The laser rust removal system has a good human-computer interface, which can provide users with a friendly operating experience. The operator of the laser cleaning machine can quickly adjust various parameters through the touch screen to improve the cleanliness of the rust removal process. The laser cleaning system has the function of saving process parameters. The user can save the commonly used process parameters in the process library. The next time the same process is used to remove rust, the saved parameters can be directly selected, and there is no need to set them again, which is very convenient.
Laser rust remover configuration

How effective is the handheld laser rust removal machine?

After the emergence of any kind of emerging equipment, the most attention is how well it works, and the laser rust remover is no exception. In response, we conducted a laser cleaning test. First of all, we used this 1500W handheld laser cleaning machine for rust removal. As you can see in the picture display, we choose a section to start cleaning on the surface of the heavily rusted metal pipe. After a few seconds, the cleaned part of the rust will fall off, and the metal will be exposed to a clean surface. The entire laser to remove rust process is very fast and does not produce any contamination. Thanks to the non-contact rust removal method, you can see the metal surface without any damage.
After completing the laser rust removal test, our crew performed the laser paint removal test. The operator directs the laser beam at the stainless steel surface covered with black paint, and after repeatedly irradiating the coating on the stainless steel surface a few times, you can see that the paint coating is completely removed. We got a clean stainless steel finish. Like laser rust removal, laser paint removal does not cause damage to metal surfaces.
Laser Rust Removal and Laser Paint Removal
To view the full laser cleaning test video, you can click Handheld laser rust removal machine to clean thick rust. Through the above two tests, we can see that laser cleaning is not only efficient and environmentally friendly, but also easy to operate and will not damage the metal substrate. This is also the reason why the laser cleaning machine was widely welcomed once it came out. Nowadays, various laser cleaning processes such as laser rust removal, laser paint removal, and laser oil removal are becoming more and more popular.
The application of laser cleaning machines can minimize the use of chemicals and abrasives in industrial environments to meet the requirements of increasingly stringent environmental protection laws. Laser cleaning processes provide safer practices in addressing secondary pollution and protecting employee health.
Handheld laser rust removal machines use a high-power, energy-efficient laser beam to clean contaminants on a variety of metal surfaces and are ideal for industrial manufacturers with large-area cleaning needs. It is smaller in size and more convenient for users to use in workplaces where rust removal is required. After understanding the effect of laser cleaning machine, do you have any plans to purchase laser cleaning equipment. If you need help, you can communicate with us online.

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