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Stainless Steel CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for sale

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Stainless steel is one of the most widely used metal raw materials in the industrial field. By cutting stainless steel, building materials, auto parts, interior decorations or household items can be made. In order to meet the needs of efficient production of stainless steel products, stainless steel CNC fiber laser cutting machine came into being. This is an advanced CNC metal cutting equipment that is now very common in industrial processing applications.
The stainless steel CNC fiber laser cutting machine is deeply loved by users in the application, because it can not only meet the needs of efficient cutting of sheet metal, but also achieve high-precision cutting specifications. Of course, the production effect of all this is closely related to the characteristics and advantages of the product itself. This article takes you to learn more about fiber metal laser cutting machine.
stainless steel cnc fiber laser cutting machine

Features of stainless steel CNC fiber laser cutting machine

Stainless steel CNC fiber laser cutting machine is a heavy metal cutting machine, its common size is 5x10 feet, which means its worktable size is 1500x3000mm, which is also its maximum processing area. The body adopts a heavy-duty frame, the thickness of the rectangular tube wall is 10mm, and the body weight is 3500KG, which greatly increases the stability of the guide rail and effectively avoids the deformation of the bed. The forming and frame of the machine gantry is completed by integral steel mold and die-casting technology, which is light in weight, high in strength and not deformed. This lightweight crossbeam enables the heavy metal cutting machine to operate at a high speed, thereby improving machining efficiency and machining quality.
Industrial fiber laser cutting machine for stainless steel has a variety of power options, we provide you with a power range of 1.0KW-12KW. Among them are JPT fiber laser cutting machine, Raycus fiber laser cutting machine, IPG fiber laser cutting machine and other brands, each brand has its own advantages, which need to be selected according to your cutting needs. As a stainless steel laser cutting machine manufacturer, we can provide users with different power and different brands of laser cutting machines to display the cutting process of sheet metal with different thicknesses, so that users can more intuitively understand its cutting effect and cutting ability.
Our  fiber metal laser cutting machine is all equipped with servo motors. Servo systems are best for applications that require improved positioning accuracy and resolution, they run faster than stepper motors, and also provide more consistent torque throughout the machine's speed range. Because of the large body size and fast processing speed of heavy metal cutting machine, more power is required to work effectively. This is where the servo motor comes into play. We equip our machines with Taiwan Delta servo motors and Japan Yaskawa servo motors, which are also used by many of the best CNC machine tool manufacturers in the world.
Fiber metal laser cutting machine

Advantages of stainless steel CNC fiber laser cutting machine

Laser cutting stainless steel has high precision, high speed, and the cutting edge is smooth and free of burrs.
Since the laser cutting head does not touch the surface of the material, it will not scratch the workpiece and cause mechanical deformation of the workpiece, which is very suitable for fine machining.
The fiber metal laser cutting machine uses a computer control system, which is convenient for programming and modification, and is suitable for specialized processing. Especially for some sheet metal parts with complex contours, short product life cycles, and mass production, it is not cost-effective to make molds from the perspective of economic cost and time. The industrial fiber laser cutting machine has good processing flexibility and can process any graphics, which is especially advantageous for the processing of these products.
After the introduction of stainless steel CNC fiber laser cutting machine, we can find its many advantages. Of course, in addition to efficient processing of stainless steel, fiber laser cutting machine can also cut carbon steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum, copper and other metal materials. With the continuous update and development of products, the fiber laser cutting machine will create more advantages and bring greater convenience to users.

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