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Handheld laser rust removal machine to clean thick rust
Laser rust removal machine has always been a hot selling laser equipment in our company. In order to meet the diversified needs of the market, our company's R&D team is also constantly innovating, and recently launched a handheld laser rust removal equipment. The advantage of this machine is that it has a smaller body and is more convenient to move under the condition of high-power cleaning. Next, we will introduce the features and advantages of this high-power handheld laser rust remover.
The size of the hand held laser rust remover is 1040x640x870mm, and this small laser cleaning machine is more convenient to move. Whether you're using it for rust removal of metal materials indoors, or to take it to other places outside to start rust removal work, it is very suitable. The power range of this fiber laser rust removal machine is 1000W-2000W. The high-power laser generator has the characteristics of efficient rust removal, which is very suitable for rust removal in the industrial field.
The hand-held laser rust removal gun is ergonomically designed, comfortable to hold, and weighs less than 1500g. When cleaning work for a long time, it can reduce the fatigue of workers. The light outlet of the laser cleaning gun is designed with a U-shaped mouth, which can effectively prevent dust from entering and causing pollution to the lens. As you can see from the video, during the laser rust removal process, the beam quality is stable, the cleaning of the thick rust is completed in a short time, and the surface of the substrate is clean and free of damage.
Handheld laser rust removal machine solves the existing problems that corners are difficult to clean, rust needs to be polished, grinding is not beautiful, etc. It is the first choice for most metal cleaning. Even for special-shaped metal parts, the laser rust remover can perform the rust removal operation through precise positioning of the laser beam.

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