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Where to buy fiber laser cutting machine?

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In recent years, fiber laser cutting machine has been increasingly used in metal industries. Like Furniture, ships, aircraft and other high-tech industries. Fiber laser cutting technology is quite mature and has a very large market share in the metal cutting industry. However, with the increasing variety of CNC fiber laser cutting machines on the market, many users don’t know how to choose the right machine?
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In fact, it is not so difficult to choose a fiber laser cutting machine, the most important thing is to understand your cutting needs, followed by a good price budget, but don’t worry. If you don’t know where and how to buy a suitable fiber laser cutting machine, after AccTek Machinery based on many years of sales experience, which summarizes the following aspects, will tell you how to choose a good fiber laser cutting machine.
First of all, you need to know your cutting requirements, the thickness of the material to be cut, the material to be cut and other factors, and then decide what size equipment capacity to buy and the size of the table. Different fiber laser cutting machines with different power on the corresponding thickness of the cutting plate are different. Then according to the type of laser selected, the type of cutting plate is also different. So please understand that the power size cannot be used as a critical indicator that the laser cutting machine good or bad to properly match the trim level of their equipment is the best choice. For this, with an experienced sales team and technical team, they will customize a fiber laser cutting machine for you according to your needs. For example, if you need to cut aluminum, copper and so on highly reflective metal materials, we recommend you choose an IPG or JPT fiber laser source.
Second, you need to know machine performance. Every user hopes to be able to afford a high-precision, high-efficiency metal laser cutting machine. In the procurement process, the high-energy-efficiency metal laser cutting machine that can maximize the production efficiency of the enterprise is the first choice for purchasing equipment. The quality of AccTek’s fiber laser cutting is excellent, and their own factory, if you need, everyone is welcome to come to their factory to see the real machine and know the machine's working effect and do free testing. In addition, AccTek laser cutting machine has been sold all over the world. You can also choose to consult and understand the nearest customers. After all, user reputation is more expensive.
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On the other hand, the quality and stability of fiber laser cutting equipment is also very important. AccTek was established in 2005, 10 years focus on fiber laser cutting machine. The quality of our fiber laser cutting machine is tested by our customers over a long period of time. we always believe “ Our business is to improve your business.” Before machine delivery, we will send customers their machine’s test videos and machine pictures, every parts will be confirmed when the machine is ready.  AccTek also has agent in the world.
Meanwhile, users need to know the after sales service of fiber laser cutting machine. In the process of using fiber laser cutting machine, problems will inevitably occur, so a good after-sales service system is particularly important. You cannot buy a product without after-sales service, but with low price and low quality fiber laser metal cutter.  In terms of after-sales service, AccTek not only provides effective daily maintenance solutions, but also professional machine learning systems and laser software to help customers get started as soon as possible. About the warranty of the machine, we provide 3 years warranty for the whole machine, 1.5 years warranty of the laser source. We have a complete and professional after-sales team, which can deal with all kinds of failures of the machine's software and hardware. First we provide 24 hours online service and email each day, free technical support. We will reply to you in 24 hours after receive your problem of the machine. Also we are able to send technician to your workshop to do the installation and training if it is necessary. 
All in all, when you plan to buy a fiber laser cutting machine, there are many things we need to consider. If you are in need of a metal laser cut machine, please contact us directly, AccTek will help you to have a perfect and suitable cnc laser machine.
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