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Complete guide for CNC oscillating knife cutting machine

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In recent years, oscillating knife cutting machine has been increasingly widely used, especially in the non-metal material processing field. The technology of cnc knife cutting machines has matured and certain market share in the cutting industry, but there are still many users who are not familiar with oscillating knife cutting equipment, they do not know how to choose a suitable oscillating knife cutting machine. Now ACCTEK Machinery will tell you some basic knowledge about oscillating knife cutting machines.

What is a CNC oscillating knife cutting machine?

The CNC oscillating knife cutting machine is an intelligent digital CNC tool cutting system, it automatically processes materials based on design drawings, it can finish cutting performance with high performance.

How does a CNC oscillating knife cutting machine work?

The CNC oscillating knife cutting machine adopts a visual control system, sets the processing method through the CNC cutting machine software, optimizes the cutting path according to the material processing requirements, and then downloads the file to the controller of the plane cutting machine. The digital control panel of a CNC cutting machine can effectively set processing parameters (cutting speed, acceleration speed, cutting depth of the blade, etc.) to command the machine tool to process parts.
CNC oscillating knife cutting machine

Advantages of CNC oscillating knife cutting machines

This advanced tool performs at a higher speed, it can increase the cutting speed by 5 to 8 times. No matter composite materials, canvas, laminates, or thin textiles, oscillating cutting machines can provide unprecedented speed, consistency and high reliability.
This model is widely used in the clothing industry, footwear industry, also fashion fabric industry, automotive interior; luggage, packaging field, decoration business, electronics and omposite material industry.
The machine automatic function reduces the labor and time required to perform tasks. It also improves efficiency and simplifies tasks that used to run randomly.
When cutting materials, it does not spread harmful gases or transfer heat, while other tools use rotating tools, laser heating, or water spraying to cut materials. Therefore, CNC tools can be safely used in different environments and are easy to maintain.
The digital cutting machine operates based on the digitally programmed tool path. It can cut materials by simply moving the tool and sticking the material to the machine or by moving both the tool and the material simultaneously.

Optional multi-tool tools

Multi-functional cutting head design, multiple sets of highly integrated machining tools, can be used as a work unit for interactive cutting, punching, and marking operations.
1. Vibration tool
Electric oscillation tools are very suitable for cutting medium-density materials and have various blades, making them suitable for cutting different materials.
Cutting materials: kt board, foam board, honeycomb board, car seat cushion, seat cover, corrugated paper, cardboard, kt board, ash board, composite material, leather, corrugated box, etc.
2. Crease wheel tool
Various crease tools can perform perfect crease treatment on corrugated paper. This tool, combined with cutting software, can cut corrugated cardboard along its structure or in the opposite direction to achieve the best crease effect without damaging the surface of the corrugated cardboard.
Cutting materials: packaging boxes, folding cards, corrugated cardboard, cardboard boxes, etc.
3. V-CUT tool
The V-shaped cutting tool is specifically used for V-shaped cutting on corrugated cardboard, and can cut 0 °, 15 °, 22.5 °, 30 °, and 45 °.
Cutting materials: soft cardboard, kiteboard, corrugated cardboard, packaging boxes, corrugated cardboard box slotting, medium density material V-cutting, cardboard box packaging, cardboard, gift boxes, etc.
4. Driven rotating tool (circular tool)
The rotating tool is driven by a high-speed rotating blade driven by a servo motor to place materials.
Cutting materials: textiles, canvas, leather, fabrics, carbon fiber, glass fiber, carpets, blankets, furs, woven fabrics, composite double.
CNC oscillating knife cutting machine

CNC oscillating knife cutting machine applications

Packaging industry materials: cardboard, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, honeycomb board, grey cardboard, paper, plastic, EVA, EPE foam, PVC foam, polyethylene foam, etc.
Clothing industry materials: fabrics, fabrics, textiles, clothing, leather, vinyl, etc.
Advertising materials: display frames, printed PVC boards, KT boards, acrylic, paper, EVA, foam, vinyl stickers, reflective materials, outdoor advertising, signs, etc.
Gasket materials: non asbestos gasket, silicone resin gasket, entangled gasket, rubber gasket, cork gasket, polytetrafluoroethylene, polytetrafluoroethylene.
Home textile industry materials: floor mats, carpets, tablecloths, curtains, sofas.
Other industries: insulation industry, composite material industry, etc.

How to maintain a CNC vibrating knife cutting machine?

Vibration knife cutting machines are increasingly widely used in the processing of flexible materials, but regardless of the various problems that may arise during long-term use, we need to maintain the machine in daily use to extend its service life. So how to maintain and maintain the vibration knife cutting machine?
1. The rotating parts of the cutting head should be inspected regularly and irregularly, and vulnerable parts should be monitored in real-time and replaced regularly.
2. Thoroughly clean the machine every week, clean the horizontal and vertical guide rails, and transmission racks, and add lubricating oil.
3. Check whether the horizontal and vertical cutting heads are working properly. If any abnormalities occur, promptly identify the cause. If you cannot solve them yourself, you must contact professional technical personnel.
4. Check if all cutting tools are loose, clean the garbage from the cutting heads, and maintain the normal position of the rotating tools.
5. For the automatic height adjustment device, check its sensitivity and tighten the blade several times before cutting to make the air pressure more stable.
6. Check if the blade is too long or too short, and determine if the distance between the two ends of the baffle is the same. If the blade is too long or too short, it is not conducive to normal cutting work.
7. Every working day, it is necessary to inspect the dust removal, clean the dirt on the machine tool and guide rail, keep the machine bed clean, maintain it in place, turn off the air source and power supply after work, and discharge the remaining air from the machine tool pipe.
The above is an introduction to the CNC vibrating knife cutting machine. For more information, you can communicate online. Our professional sales team will recommend the correct CNC knife cutting equipment for you according to your cutting needs.

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