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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Operation Guide

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As a common industrial raw material, metal materials are widely used in various industries. If a metal material is to be fully utilized, it must be cut or shaped with equipment. In terms of metal material processing, fiber laser cutting machine is an important equipment to complete this work. Compared with other types of metal cutting machines, laser metal cutting machine has a high degree of automation, a wide range of applications, and higher cutting efficiency and cutting accuracy, so they are very popular in the manufacturing industry.
Fiber laser cutting metal
Fiber laser cutting machine is an effective tool for metal cutting. If you want to give full play to its advantages, you need to master its working principle and operation steps. In this article, let's take a look at the relevant knowledge and operation methods of laser metal cutting machines.

How fiber laser cutting machines work

The metal laser cutting machine uses a focused high-power and high-energy-density laser beam to irradiate the surface of the metal workpiece, so that the irradiated part rapidly melts, vaporizes, ablates or reaches the ignition point. At the same time, the molten material is blown away by the high-pressure high-speed airflow coaxial with the beam, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting or hollowing out the workpiece.

Operation process of fiber laser cutting machine

Boot process
1. Turn on the regulator first, then turn on the chiller and wait 10 seconds. Next, check whether the water pipe of the chiller is leaking. If not, you can turn on the fiber laser.
2. Turn on the fiber laser switch, turn on the emergency stop button switch (emergency), the key switch, and wait for the laser to turn on.
3. Turn on the start and stop button of the machine, and check whether there are foreign objects on the workbench of the fiber laser cutting machine and the X and Y axes.
4. Turn on the computer, turn on the CNC cutting system, and enter the interface of the cutting operation software.
Test before metal cutting
1. Before the metal laser cutting machine officially works, the type and size of the nozzle need to be selected according to the thickness and material of the material.
2. After the nozzle is replaced, the central shaft can be checked with transparent tape. The specific method is: put a small piece of scotch tape under the nozzle, open the shutter, and press the "Pulse" button. We can see on the tape that the laser center is in the middle of the nozzle, so the laser center axis is checked.
Laser central axis inspection
3. According to the cutting needs, select the appropriate cutting auxiliary gas, and check whether the injection state is good.
4. When all preparations are completed, the corresponding process parameters can be selected for metal cutting.
Matters needing attention in the metal cutting process
1. Start the metal laser cutting machine, try to cut metal raw materials, and observe whether the section is smooth and the cutting accuracy is accurate. If there is a deviation, it is necessary to adjust the cutting parameters of the equipment until the cutting effect meets the requirements. Then the CNC laser cutting machine automatically starts the metal cutting work according to the input parameters and patterns.
2. During the working process of the laser metal cutting machine, there must be staff present. If there is an emergency that requires a quick response, the crew needs to press the brake button quickly.
3. After completing the cutting work, pay attention to check the cutting accuracy and quality of the product.
Shutdown process
After the metal laser cutting machine is used, it is necessary to shut down the machine, thereby reducing the failure rate of the fiber laser and increasing the service life of the machine. The specific operations are as follows:
1. Turn off the fiber laser.
2. Turn off the chiller.
3. Turn off the auxiliary gas and exhaust the gas in the pipeline.
4. Raise the Z axis of the CNC laser cutting machine to a safe height, turn off the CNC cutting system, and seal the nozzle with scotch tape to prevent dust from contaminating the lens.
5. Clean up the machine and the surrounding work area, and record the operation of the fiber laser cutting machine that day. If there is a fault, it should be recorded in time so that the maintenance personnel can carry out diagnosis and maintenance.
6. When the metal laser cutting machine is idle, the staff must ensure that the equipment is clean. It is necessary to clean the guide rails frequently, wipe the racks of the equipment, and apply lubricating oil.
When operating a laser cutting machine, in addition to strictly abiding by the operating rules, personal safety protection should also be done. For example, when near the laser beam, wear laser protective glasses that meet the requirements to avoid unnecessary risks. If you are a novice to operate the machine, be sure to consult all relevant manuals, or go to work after professional training.

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