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ATC CNC Router Machine has arrived in the United States
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ACCTEK engineer Kate received an email from a US customer today. With the help of Kate, Grant completed the assembly of the automatic tool change CNC router AKM1325C and started the engraving work. Grant thanked Kate in an email and sent her a photo of himself with the machine. We are glad that our CNC engraving equipment is satisfied and welcomed by user.
ATC CNC router machine
ATC CNC router AKM1325C is a very popular CNC engraving equipment in the woodworking engraving industry. Its linear tool changer is equipped with 8 tools, and the automatic tool change process can be completed without stopping the machine work. The efficiency is very high, and it is especially suitable for engraving complex patterns. This woodworking CNC machine is suitable for the processing of a variety of plates, and can be engraved, cut, drilled, grooved, etc., with a wide range of functions.
If you have many stuffs in your workshop, it is recommended that you install a dust collector for the CNC router machine. Because in the engraving process, especially the engraving and cutting of wood, a large amount of waste such as sawdust will be generated. If there is no dust collector for timely treatment, the cleaning work will be a big problem. These wood chips will not only land on the machine table, but also on other stuffs around, and the whole cleanup work will waste a lot of time.
The double-bag dust collector matched with the ACCTEK CNC router can suck the garbage away during the working process of the machine, and collect the garbage into the bag through the pipeline, which ensures the cleanliness of the working environment and reduces the follow-up workshop cleaning time.
ACCTEKCNC has a professional technical guidance team. After you receive the CNC machine, our engineers can answer any questions you may encounter during the operation, so that you can become a professional CNC router operator faster.
To learn about the same machine of American user, you can click the CNC Router Machine AKM1325C.

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