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Laser marking machine saves you time and cost

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Laser marking machine
In recent years, the technology of laser marking and engraving has become more and more mature. The application of laser marking technology provides manufacturers with a faster and easier way to identify and track parts. This traceability system protects your company from current and future risks. For manufacturers and suppliers, these risks include defective materials, production inefficiencies, counterfeiting and product recalls.
For a successful traceability system, you can follow the steps below to standardize your production process.
1. Mark permanent, readable marks on parts with a laser marking machine. These marks are unique identifiers, usually 1D or 2D barcodes that contain manufacturing data (lot number, serial number, etc.).
2. Software that connects your tagging system to your database so that data can be stored and accessed as needed for tracking and tracing.
3. Obtain effective information on product distribution through data analysis through unique barcodes to optimize your production and distribution processes and increase your workshop productivity.
Laser marking technology ensures that your data remains on the part from assembly to final delivery to the customer. Laser marking machines offer manufacturers a variety of cost-saving advantages due to their flexibility and precision.

reduce human error

Automated processes such as laser marking replace error-prone manual processes, allowing you to automatically capture, store and manage information and prevent quality issues before they occur.

Ensure product traceability

Laser marking technology provides traceability to your products, which enables you to accurately analyze the root cause of product or part failure, allowing cost recovery at suppliers and showing regulators and end users the cause and progress of events. At the same time, laser marking technology creates unique permanent marks that also prevent counterfeiting and diversion of goods.

Increase productivity

Laser engraving is a quick and easy process. Laser marking is to focus a laser on the surface of a material and then engrave a specific pattern according to your settings. Since the laser is a non-contact marking technology, it does not hit the surface of the material and cause damage. No contamination of the material surface due to ink or any other substances.

Reduce consumable costs

Non-permanent marking methods require you to use materials such as inks and solvents to complete the marking, which need to be replaced periodically. The laser marking machine has almost no consumables and can be used after power on, which greatly saves the cost of consumables.

Higher marking quality

Laser marking machines engrave marks with greater durability and readability for applications ranging from industrial traceability to brand identity. Can be applied to materials such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, ceramic and brass. Laser marking technology can also provide low or high contrast marks with a range of parameter settings to meet your visual standards.
ACCTEKLASER has a wide range of laser marking equipment to choose from, depending on your application, material, size and other criteria. To get the most suitable laser marking machine, you can communicate online.

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