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The advantages and development of tube laser cutting machine

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Tube fiber laser cutting machine is a metal tube cutting equipment that integrates laser cutting and numerical control technology, which can realize high-quality processing of metal tubes. In particular, the fully automatic tube laser cutting machine is equipped with an automatic loading and unloading device, which can produce fully automatically, which can not only improve the production efficiency of the workshop, but also save labor costs.
Laser cutting tubes opens up new design possibilities, so more and more metal tube processing companies are beginning to increase the demand for laser tube cutting machines. Here, let us know more about fiber laser cutting machine for tube. Here are some benefits of fiber laser tube cutting machine.

1. Reduce the secondary operation of the tube

Laser tube cutting machine can cut complex contours and ensure smooth and beautiful cutting edges on metal tubes in a single operation. Conventional sawing, drilling and milling often leave metal shavings and defects on the cut edges of metal pipes. In order to use the metal pipe for its intended project, the user needs to perform an additional cleaning and forming process on the cut pipe. With laser cutting tubes, downstream work steps such as deburring or assembly can be reduced.
Redue the secondary operation of the tube

2. No damage to the tube, making the tube stronger

Typically, cutting a tube with a CNC punch or other machine uses physical force to break through the material being cut, so this puts pressure on the material around the tube slightly weakening it. With laser cutting metal tubes, no mechanical force is applied to the surface of the material, helping to ensure that the tube is stronger where it is cut than when using physical cutting tools.

3. Laser tube cutting has more flexibility

Laser tube cutters open up entirely new design possibilities. It can not only perform simple vertical cutting, but also various processes such as chamfering, drilling, slotting, etching, etc. at different angles according to processing needs.

4. Laser tube cutting has higher efficiency

Tube laser cutting machine is a professional CNC equipment for processing metal tubes, it can handle a large number of custom-shaped tube cutting needs. In particular, the fully automatic laser tube cutting machine with automatic loading and unloading device has a faster production speed, which can help enterprises improve the efficiency and output of custom-cut tubes. Fiber laser tube cutters with automated features and high-precision controls can greatly speed up manufacturers' time to precision-produced parts.
Laser tube cutting has higher efficiency

5. Low maintenance cost

For equipment that needs to use knives for physical cutting, their tools act on the metal surface for a long time, so they will quickly cause wear and tear, and new tools need to be constantly replaced to meet the cutting requirements. But laser pipe cutting machines do not have this problem. With proper operation of the machine, you can run the laser for thousands of hours almost maintenance-free. Of course, machine parts still require regular maintenance, but this cost is much lower.

The development trend of professional tube laser cutting machine

The development of industrial production in the future means that the market demand for pipes is increasing, and the processing requirements are also getting higher and higher. Professional tube laser cutting machines will continue to develop towards improving processing accuracy and cutting speed. As labor costs increase, increasing the automation of the machine will also be a requirement for laser tube cutting machines. The advancement of automation can effectively liberate workers, reduce the number of workers, and solve the problem of labor shortages in enterprises.
Fiber laser cutting machines translate speed and accuracy into greater efficiency and a higher return on investment, making them ideal for the production of precision-critical product parts. And with the continuous progress of laser technology, it is believed that the future laser pipe cutting machine will bring more development space to industrial production.

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