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What are the component of the CNC router machine?

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The application of CNC router machine provides more possibilities in the field of manufacturing, it can be used for processing plane projects and 3D projects. Using a CNC router to apply a spindle tool to a material surface, you can cut, engrave, drill and form many types of materials and shapes.
Before you plan to buy a CNC router machine and put it into use, it is very important to understand its composition. This is because the different parts of the CNC router mean that its processing effect, processing speed and other aspects will be different, including many optional components. Knowing what a CNC router is made of can go a long way in choosing the right machine.

Structure of CNC Router Machine

1. CNC router table
The selection of CNC router table includes two aspects, namely worktable size and worktable type. For the advertising industry, the manufacture of children's toys or small musical instruments, a small CNC router of 2 x 3 feet or 4 x 4 feet is more suitable. They are very cheap and can meet the production needs of the workpiece. For the production of cabinets or the production of large size panels such as wood door cutting, a 4x8ft or 5x10ft CNC router is usually chosen. Therefore, the size of the CNC router table is mainly related to the size of the plate to be processed. Generally, we choose according to the maximum size of the material to be processed.
Also, the types of CNC router table vary, which can affect how the sheets are fastened. One is an aluminum T-slot worktable, which uses a clamp to fix the plate. It is suitable for sheets that need to be hollowed out or smaller in size, and the advantage is that it does not consume electricity. The other is a vacuum worktable, which needs to be used with a vacuum pump to fix the plate by the adsorption capacity of the gas. It is suitable for irregular boards or large-size boards, and the advantage is that fixing materials saves time and effort. Of course, you can also choose a combination of two worktables, and use different fixing methods flexibly according to the type of processing material.
CNC router table
2. CNC control system
The CNC control system is the core of every CNC machine tool, and the CNC router is no exception. The CNC controller is the human-machine interface, and the operator can instruct the machine to use complex calculations to complete the sheet metal processing task through the computer connected to the machine or the control panel of the machine itself. For ordinary 3 axis CNC routers, we usually choose Mach3 controllers with good quality and low price; for ATC CNC routers, we usually use higher-end Syntec controllers to meet the needs of high-speed and high-precision machining.
3. Gantry
The gantry is a mechanism that controls the positioning of the CNC router spindle tool. It is controlled by the CNC system, which drives the tool to create all the machining processes of the machine at runtime.
4. Auto tool changer
The auto tool changer is an additional structure of the CNC router. It has two types: a linear auto tool changer installed at the rear of the machine and a disc auto tool changer installed on one side of the gantry. It is an indispensable part of complex processing and batch processing enterprises. The automatic tool changer can carry 4-12 tools. According to the program setting, the automatic tool change can be completed within a few seconds without stopping the machine, which greatly improves the processing efficiency.
Auto tool changer
5. Dust collector
Whether it is processing wood, processing acrylic, or processing aluminum, a large amount of chips will inevitably be generated when the CNC router works. Therefore, the dust collector device is also a very important structure for CNC machine tools. It quickly removes chips from the toolpath and reduces airborne contamination of dust and fumes. This not only avoids the need to spend a lot of time cleaning the machine and the workshop environment, but also protects the health of the workshop staff. Under normal circumstances, ordinary 3 axis CNC routers are not equipped with dust collectors and need to be purchased separately; while ATC CNC routers have their own dust collector devices, and no additional configuration is required.
6. Vacuum pump
When we talked about the CNC router table, we learned about the vacuum suction table, which requires a strong vacuum pulling force through the vacuum pump to firmly fix the flat plate in the proper position. Therefore, the vacuum pump is an essential key component for users who use the vacuum table.
The CNC router can perform accurate and repeatable cuts. Machine setup is simple and consistent for a variety of applications and materials, making the CNC router a must-have for any store. The above structure is an important configuration of CNC router. By understanding their function, you can choose the necessary parts according to the actual processing needs, which will help you buy the most correct machine within the best budget.

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