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Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine used in guardrail industry

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As metal pipes are more and more widely used in the industrial field, tube fiber laser cutting machine has gradually entered the mass market and become common cutting equipment. Especially in the guardrail industry, it is often necessary to cut and drill various square and round pipes. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a metal tube cutting machine that can cut and punch efficiently. In the guardrail industry, in order to further improve the production efficiency of steel pipes, improve the processing quality, and reduce the waste of materials, the use of laser tube cutting machine has become a powerful tool for metal tube manufacturers.
For traditional saw blade cutting, it is almost impossible to complete a pipe cut in 1-2 seconds. But for laser tube cutting machine, this is very easy to achieve. This is because the laser cutting machine has the characteristics of high degree of automation and high efficiency. And even if you cut pipes of different materials, there is no need to stop and replace the corresponding saw blades like traditional cutting equipment. Therefore, for the guardrail industry, the laser tube cutting machine can produce a large number of workpieces in a short time, which is very suitable for mass production.
Tube fiber laser cutting machine

Advantages of tube fiber laser cutting machine used in guardrail industry


1. Professional CNC cutting control system

Laser tube cutting machine adopts Cypcut control system to provide fine cutting technology for metal tubes. When machining guardrails, a smooth cut can always be maintained during the cutting process, and a more beautiful pipe cross-section can be obtained. In addition, this digital control system is simple to operate, allowing cutting operators to quickly become proficient. It can quickly realize the rapid cutting of multi-angle, multi-size and multi-shaped pipes, not only with high cutting precision, but also with high cutting flexibility.

2. Pneumatic chuck rotating structure

As a professional laser cutting machine for cutting metal tubes, it adopts a unique pneumatic chuck rotating structure in terms of mechanical structure, and cuts pipes through the movement of the machine tool. Moving along the axial direction of the workpiece can realize automatic cutting of metal pipes of different lengths, which greatly shortens the time for manual adjustment of pipes. The diagonal adjustment range of the laser tube cutting machine is 20-300mm, which can process large diameter tubes. The high rotation speed of the chuck can greatly improve the cutting efficiency of metal pipes.

3. Auto focus laser cutting head

The tube fiber laser cutting machines produced in our factory are all equipped with auto focus laser cutting heads, which can automatically find the best focal length instead of manual focus. The focusing speed reaches 400mm/s, the focusing speed is fast and more efficient. The high-quality laser cutting head can perform high-speed perforation cutting of various metal tubes with a repeatability of 0.01mm.

4. Higher quality pipe cutting

The non-contact cutting method of the laser makes the heat affected zone of the metal tube smaller and will not cause damage to the surface of the material. The cutting seam is between 0.1-0.2mm, and the section of the metal pipe after cutting has no burr and slag phenomenon, and does not require secondary processing. The metal tube cutting machine is equipped with a segmented automatic support device. The intelligent pipe support design can effectively solve the deformation problem during the cutting operation of long pipes.
Round tube laser cutting

Types of tube fiber laser cutting machine

At present, there are two types of metal tube cutting machines in ACCTEK LASER, one is ordinary laser tube cutting machine, and the other is laser tube cutting machine with auto feeding device. The auto feeding tube cutting machine can realize intelligent material distribution and feeding after the whole bundle of pipes is placed and loaded, and it can be seamlessly connected with the pipe cutting machine, and accurately convey each pipe to the conveying arm. The auto feeding tube cutting machine makes the operation easier, saves labor costs and improves workshop efficiency.

The tube fiber laser cutting machine can process various metal pipes, whether it is the waist hole on the round pipe or various graphics on the surface of the square pipe, the laser tube cutting machine can obtain good processing results. From the technical characteristics, application range and technical advantages of laser tube cutting machines, in the field of metal tube processing, traditional metal cutting equipment will gradually be replaced.

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