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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Marketing Introduction

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Grasp the timing of marketing, pay attention to the interests of customers. The so-called timing, is some relevant to the customer's special point in time. The key to success in timing marketing is relevance. To achieve a high level of relevance in timing marketing campaign for fiber laser cutting machine, that must carefully study customer behavior and preferences, accurately capture consumer needs, and find the right time to share tailored marketing information for customers, thereby contributing to purchase decisions.
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Real-time marketing delivers content and facilitates interaction around live events, thus offering endless creative possibilities while generating exciting and immediate results. However, people's attention and understanding of real-time marketing can be biased. A brand's main goal should be to reach its audience at the right time, when it really matters: delivering effective content at the right point in the buying process. We need to be clear about the customer's requirements, the scope of business and what kind of material and material thickness to be cut, and then recommend the power of the metal laser cutting machine and the size of the working table according to the actual situation. Real-time marketing can play an important role, but it should be seen as a strategy, but not a strategy to deliver relevant content to audiences at the moment of greatest demand and impact. Turn that data into a viable marketing campaign before you miss a valuable opportunity for customers to make a purchase.
With the rapid expansion of sheet metal processing technology, the domestic processing technology is also growing by leaps and bounds, and the gap between foreign prosperous countries is becoming smaller and smaller, many well-known foreign enterprises have moved their manufacturing bases to China, while the fiber laser cutting machine has brought many reactionary ideas to sheet metal processing.
Fiber laser cutting machine is a process revolution in sheet metal processing, is the "processing center" in sheet metal processing. Metal laser cutting machine has high flexibility level, can process arbitrary shapes, as well as cut tubes and other profiles; fast cutting speed, high consumption efficiency, short product consumption cycle, for customers to win the universal market. Fiber laser cutter without cutting force, processing without deformation; no tool wear, good material compliance; whether it is simple or complex parts, can use a laser fine rapid forming cutting; its narrow slit, excellent cutting quality, high level of automation, simple operation, low labor intensity, no pollution; can complete the cutting of automatic sample arrangement, nesting, progress in the application rate of the material, reasonable consumption costs and considerable economic efficiency. The effective life of the technology is long, currently in foreign countries beyond 2MM thickness of the plate mostly adopted fiber laser cutting machine, many foreign experts analysis that the next 30-40 years is the golden period of expansion of laser processing technology, but also will be a mainstream direction.
In order to obtain a better surface quality grade, process parameters such as power and speed of the metal laser cutting machine must be optimized several times. In general, there is a set of optimal cutting process parameters for materials with the same properties and thickness. Under the condition of the same cutting process parameters, for the same thickness of different materials, due to the diverse physical parameters, will also yield different kerf surface quality. Metal materials with low melting point, high thermal conductivity, small viscosity coefficient of the melt, and low surface tension of metal oxides are easy to obtain high surface quality when laser cutting. When laser cutting a flat surface, it is easy to measure the surface quality, but when fine processing or cutting some complex patterns, it is difficult to measure it directly, and the surface quality can only be controlled with the help of optimized test parameters. Therefore, in order to facilitate automated cutting, a correspondence between the external optimization parameters and the surface quality level should be established.

What should a good fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer have?

In recent years, under the increasingly fierce competition environment, service has become more and more the focus of people's topic, service errors are also born, to avoid hunger marketing timing is not appropriate, beware of the market "new congestion", improve the reputation of the brand. We should pay attention to the marketing of old customers, tap the potential purchasing power, optimize the content of advertising, technology preemptive layout to deal with the market reshuffle. Generally speaking, the brand awareness is easy to induce customers to buy laser cutting machine, in fact, user in the purchase of the machine, the brand, power, after-sales service should be a combination of the three aspects together to choose. An excellent laser cutting machine manufacturer, in addition to a better reputation, there should be more different power fiber laser cutting machine for customers to correspond to their own needs to choose equipment, taking into account the use of equipment, good after-sales service is also very important, which will allow customers to feel a better experience of product operations.
User comments on fiber laser cutting machine
Laser cutting machine manufacturer should take meeting the real needs of customers as the starting point for business operations. Based on such a concept, the company should pay special attention to the investigation and analysis of customers' consumption ability, consumption preference and consumption behavior, pay attention to the innovation of marketing methods, and dynamically adapt to the needs of customers. Customer orientation is not only the core of the overall marketing orientation, but also the basis of other marketing orientations, which emphasizes the need to avoid blind production or subjective assumptions about the market that are not in line with the actual needs of customers.
Competition is a natural characteristic of the market economy. As one of the laser cutting machine manufacturer, ACCTEK is committed to providing users with high-quality machines and good after-sales service. Whether you are cutting metal or non-metal, or engraving and hollowing out materials, here, you will find there is always a laser cutting machine to suit your production needs. In addition to this, we provide users with customized services. You can communicate your production needs with us online, and our professionals will provide you with free customized solutions.

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