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Laser marking machine for industrial marking and engraving

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In the continuous development of industrial production today, in order to meet the needs of efficient production of workpiece marking, fiber laser marking machine is constantly optimized and upgraded, environmentally friendly and easy-to-maintain laser marking machine is suitable for metal and non-metal materials, such as marking codes, decorative images, LOGO, serial numbers, etc. Equipped with high-quality, high-energy, high-stability fiber laser source, the service life can reach 100,000 hours. Laser marking and engraving machine widely used in jewelry, mobile phones, keyboards, auto parts, electrical appliances, kitchen utensils, knives, glasses, stainless steel products, electronic components, bathroom equipment, fasteners, communication equipment and other industries.
Laser marking machine is the use of laser beam on a variety of different material surface permanent marks. Fiber laser marking machine mainly consists of fiber laser generator, high speed galvanometer, field lens, control software and so on. Laser marking machine mainly has fiber laser marking, Co2 laser marking, color Mopa laser marking , UV laser marking and so on.
Laser Marking Metal and Wood

Fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine is small in size, easy to operate, the output beam quality is good, fast marking speed, the output center is 1064nm, the service life of the laser generator is about 100000 hours and low maintenance cost. Can be used for a variety of metal, non-metallic materials processing, non-contact processing, no damage to the product, good quality marking. Computer operation, high marking efficiency.
The power of the fiber laser marking machine is 20W, 30W, 50W and 100W. The main styles are portable type, desk type and large working area type for laser marking machine. The available working area is 110*110mm, 200*200mm, 300*300mm, 600*900mm, 1300*900mm, etc.

Co2 laser marking machine

Co2 laser marking machine it’s suitable for marking, carving, hollowing and cutting of all kinds of non-metallic materials and products. All kinds of characters, symbols, graphics, images, bar codes, serial numbers, such as marking, engraving, hollowing. Co2 laser marking machine is a laser galvanometer marking machine with carbon dioxide gas as the working medium.
CO2 is used as the gas medium, other auxiliary gases are filled into the discharge tube, and high pressure is applied to the electrode to release wavelength laser. After the laser energy is amplified, the laser energy is scanned by the galvanometer and controlled by the computer and laser marking control card. Can be in accordance with user requirements on the product image, text, numbers, lines of the logo engraving.
The working power of Co2 laser marking machine are mainly 10W 30W 40W 60W 100W. The height of the laser marking machine can be adjusted up and down, easy to use, simple to operate, can work continuously for a long time, and the marking is clear and beautiful.

MOPA laser marking machine

Color laser marking machine with MOPA fiber laser source is used to engrave white, black, gray and color on metals such as stainless steel. The MOPA laser marking machine outputs the MOPA fiber laser with adjustable pulse width, and realizes the marking function through the high-speed scanning galvanometer system.
The machine's high-speed galvanometer scanner can guarantee a stable beam and good performance. High-quality laser beam, low cost of use, maintenance-free for 100,000 hours. MOPA laser marking machine changes the color of the material surface by adjusting the laser beam, so as to achieve the purpose of color marking. Under the action of the laser, the metal surface produces a laser thermal effect. The machine is air-cooled, small in size and low in power consumption.
Mopa laser marking machine

Laser marking machine daily maintenance

1. When the machine is not working, the power supply of the marking machine and computer should be cut off.
2. When the machine is not working, the lens of the field mirror should be covered to prevent dust from polluting the optical lens.
3. If there is a fault, cut off the power supply immediately.
4. If the laser marking and engraving machine is used for a long time, dust in the air will adsorb to the lower surface of the focusing lens, reducing the laser power and affecting the marking effect. Too much weight can cause the optical lens to absorb heat too warm and crack. When the marking effect is not good, the surface of the focusing lens should be carefully checked for contamination.
5. Take special care not to break or damage the lens when removing it. At the same time, do not touch the lens with your hands or other objects.
6. Do not cover the laser marking machine or place other items, so as not to affect the heat dissipation effect of the machine.
Laser marking and engraving machine has a high degree of automation, marking speed, high precision, can easily achieve fine marking, low energy consumption, simple processing process, less capacity conversion links, and less loss of raw materials, can greatly improve work efficiency.
And laser marking technology is directly through the computer system operation processing, can be unlimited description of all kinds of patterns, text. It is "non-contact" and can be marked on any regular or irregular surface.
Laser marking machine is widely used in the field of advertising, industry due to their excellent performance such as fast speed, high efficiency, high quality and high yield. Extensive functions, fully meet the requirements of manufacturers in various industries.

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