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Is Laser Rust Removal real and What is the effect?

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Laser rust removal is a form of laser cleaning, and laser rust removal machine is an effective tool for cleaning rust on the surface of metal workpieces. Using a fiber laser cleaning system can quickly and thoroughly remove rust and surface oxides and is a good alternative to chemical cleaning and mechanical cleaning.

How does laser rust remover work?

The beam emitted by the laser is absorbed by the rust on the metal surface to be cleaned, and the absorption of large energy forms a rapidly expanding plasma, which generates a shock wave. The shock wave shatters the rust or oxide and removes it.
The laser cleaning machine is mainly based on the surface pollutants absorbing laser energy, or vaporization and volatilization, or instantaneous thermal expansion to overcome the adsorption force of the surface on the particles, so that they can be separated from the surface of the object, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning rust removal.
During laser rust removal, you need to pay attention to the ablation threshold. The laser parameters can be set so that the intensity of the laser beam is just above the ablation threshold for rusting and below the intensity of the metal being cleaned. If the laser beam hits the metal surface at an intensity below its ablation threshold, the energy of the laser beam is dispersed in the form of heat after rust removal.

The effect of laser rust removal tool

In order to verify the real effect of laser rust removal, the ACCTEK laser cleaning machine production team carried out laser rust removal experiments. We found a very rusted metal workpiece, and then used a laser rust removal tool to clean the metal surface. In the area irradiated by the laser beam, the rust was obviously peeled off. Even very thick rust, after 2-3 repeated exposures, the metal surface shows its original color. Through the before and after comparison of laser rust removal, you can clearly understand the real effect of laser rust removal.
laser rust removal experiment
Laser rust removal is also the fastest way to improve the quality of welded parts. Before welding metal workpieces, laser cleaning can better remove rust and dirt completely. This ensures that the number of porosity in the weld area is significantly reduced, and the weld has higher tensile strength and ductility.
The laser rust remover can not only remove rust, but also remove patina, aluminum rust and other metal surface oxides.

Why choose laser rust removal machine

Through the above display, you have learned the efficient and accurate rust removal effect of laser cleaning machine. In addition to its effectiveness, laser rust removal has more advantages.
No need for consumables, more environmentally friendly. Laser cleaning replaces the chemical cleaning method using consumables, does not produce chemical waste, does not harm the environment, and is more environmentally friendly.
Low running cost. The laser rust removal machine only needs to be powered on, and the fiber laser has extremely low power consumption.
Does not damage the substrate. Laser rust removal is a non-contact cleaning method that does not damage the substrate.
Easy to operate and reduce labor costs. The laser cleaning machine is easy to operate. After training, ordinary workers can complete a number of metal rust removal tasks.

Our products

Laser rust removal machine
ACCTEK LASER offers a wide range of metal rust removal equipment. Our pulse laser cleaning machine range from 100W to 500W and our high power laser cleaning machines range from 1000W to 2000W. If you do not know which power laser cleaning equipment to choose, you can get professional help and advice by consulting online.

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