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How to solve the problem when the vibrating knife cuts the material?

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Manufacturers that process leather and fabrics should be familiar with vibrating knives. Vibrating knives are mostly used to cut leather and fabrics. When using leather machines to process and cut fabrics, some minor problems will occur, such as often encountered during the cutting process. The phenomenon is that the material cannot be cut during the cutting process. Then how should we deal with it. The cause of this problem is not complicated. It can accurately find the problem and then prescribe the right medicine. So let's take a look at how to check and learn when the cutting machine can't cut the material.

Find the reason why the vibrating knife does not move

First of all, it is necessary to clarify whether the reason why the vibration knife cutting machine is unexpected For the problems of the knife machine itself, most of the reasons are due to the corresponding problems such as the generator being out of power or the motor being burned out. If you encounter this kind of problem, you need to carry out corresponding investigations and inspections on the parts of the cutting machine. Work, and then be able to find the problem in time, and repair or replace the problematic device in time.

Inspection and maintenance of vibrating knife

 All the mechanical equipment of the vibrating knife or the cutting machine is intact, but the cutting still does not move, you need to consider the problem of cutting, whether the specific parameters such as the hardness and thickness of the cutting material are in Within the cutting range, whether the cutting parameters have been adjusted and set reasonably and correctly. You can change a material for a cutting test, and then adjust everything and the vibrating knife cutting machine should be able to work normally.
 Finally, in simple terms, if the vibrating knife cutting machine cannot cut the material again, it is necessary to correctly and rationally investigate the cause of the problem to avoid blind operation that affects the best maintenance time or service life of the mechanical equipment. In fact, facing other problems of the vibrating knife cutting machine is a similar solution, which must be strictly followed and executed correctly, so as to ensure the normal operation of the mechanical equipment.

Warm tips:

When choosing a vibrating knife cutting machine manufacturer, you must choose a formal manufacturer with technical strength, because in this way, you can guarantee the quality when purchasing mechanical products. For example, some manufacturers have complete qualifications, but the manufacturing level There are restrictions. In this way, the vibrating knife cutting machine produced will be more prone to some insufficient functions. In addition, when we choose a manufacturer, we need to see what technical support will be provided to customers, and after-sales The service must also be understood clearly, so it is recommended that you go to the site for inspection when choosing to buy a vibrating knife cutting machine.

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