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3 Axis CNC router with vacuum suction table for sale

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The 3 axis CNC router has always been the most widely used CNC machine tool in the industrial field. With the continuous development and progress of technology, the automation of CNC engraving equipment is getting higher and higher, and the work efficiency is also improving. The computer numerical control system controls the machine to carry out the engraving, cutting and milling processes of the plate, which greatly improves the accuracy of the finished product and the productivity of the workshop.
Although the CNC router looks more complicated than the manual router tool, after basic training, you will find that it is very simple to operate, even ordinary workers can operate it. Adding a 3 axis CNC router in the workshop can not only improve your production efficiency, but also save the company's investment in labor costs.
3 axis CNC router
In the early days when the CNC router was applied, its work table was designed with aluminum T-slots. This kind of countertop needs to be fixed manually with clamps every time the board is fixed. Every time the material is changed, the fixture needs to be disassembled again, which takes a long time to fix and the operation is slow. Especially for large-sized plates, in order to obtain a good fixing effect, it is necessary to fix multiple clamps around the plates, which will waste a lot of energy and time. Therefore, with the development of CNC router manufacturing technology, machine manufacturers have developed vacuum table, which are currently used by most CNC router machines.
The vacuum table CNC router adopts the method of vacuum pump adsorption to fix the material. Put the wood plate on the vacuum table, turn on the vacuum pump switch, and the material can be fixed by gas adsorption. In this way, the fixing of the plate is more firm and saves time. For enterprises that process large plates in batches, it can greatly improve the efficiency of the workshop. Especially for large-size panel processing, such as door panels, cabinet panels, etc., users do not need to fix a large number of fixtures each time, and the panel can be fixed in just a few seconds. The vacuum adsorption table has stronger firmness, even thin plates and light plates can be firmly fixed, and there is no need to worry about the vibration caused by engraving during processing, which will affect the product accuracy.
vacuum table CNC router
The 3 axis CNC router of the vacuum table is composed of a vacuum table, a vacuum area control switch and a vacuum pump. The power of commonly used vacuum pumps is mostly 5.5KW or 7.5KW. If your cnc router engraving machine is larger in size, you can choose multiple vacuum pumps to achieve a good plate adsorption effect. There are multiple suction holes on the vacuum table, and the bottom of the table is connected to the vacuum pump through a tube. They make the CNC engraving machine have the function of vacuum adsorption. Therefore, when the worker puts the plate on the CNC router vacuum table, the processed material can be firmly adsorbed on the table by the negative pressure generated by the vacuum pump. The whole process takes less than 10 seconds, which can greatly improve work efficiency.
In order to ensure the effect of the vacuum table, CNC router manufacturers will divide the table into different numbers of areas according to the size of the machine. The standard of 4×8 CNC router worktable is 4 vacuum adsorption areas, the larger the machine size, the more areas. Each area has its corresponding switch valve, we can easily open and close the vacuum area through the controller. This method is also more beneficial for processing small-sized materials. Users only need to turn on the switch of one or several areas to fix the materials, which saves more power.
The 3 axis CNC router with vacuum table is the most popular CNC machine tool at present. At ACCTEK CNC, we usually provide users with T-slot and vacuum combined table. This type of machine is more flexible when fixing plates. Learn more about CNC router and communicate online immediately.

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