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Fiber laser cutting machine cutting carbon steel and stainless steel

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The video shows you a fiber laser cutting machine equipped with a 3000W laser, here is the process of laser cutting 18mm carbon steel and laser cutting 5mm stainless steel.

Fiber laser cutting machine is the product of modern scientific development and a technological revolution in sheet metal processing. With the increasing demand for metal raw material processing in industrial development, laser cutting metal technology and fiber laser cutting machines are being familiar and accepted by the majority of sheet metal processing enterprises. This metal laser cutting machine is gradually replacing traditional sheet metal cutting equipment with many advantages such as high processing efficiency, high processing accuracy, and good cutting section quality.
Metal laser cutting machine has a very important position in sheet metal processing technology. It improves the efficiency of sheet metal workpiece production and promotes the development of the industrial market. Moreover, the laser cutting machine cutting metal is fast and does not require a mold, which greatly reduces the production cost and shortens the processing cycle. These advantages have attracted the attention of many manufacturing companies. High production efficiency means companies can machine more metal parts in the same amount of time as before; No need for molds means a lower cost for a single piece of metal work. These unique features of fiber optic laser cutting machines enable traditional metal manufacturers to enter a new era of development.
In the era of rapid industrial development, high efficiency and high quality are important factors for enterprises to maintain their leading position. CNC fiber laser cutting machine is the key equipment to improve sheet metal processing technology. The vast majority of metal materials in the industry can be cut with high quality and precision by fiber laser cutting machines, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, copper, aluminum, etc. In the laser cutting metal video, you can also see that the cutting speed and cutting quality are very high even when cutting thicker carbon steel. The 3000W laser cutting machine can cut carbon steel up to 20mm thick and stainless steel up to 10mm thick, and it can meet most metal processing needs. This is why fiber laser cutting machines are widely welcomed by enterprises as soon as they come out.
Fiber laser cutting machine
In addition to the 3000W laser cutting machine, we also provide users with cnc fiber laser cutting machine in the power range of 1000W-12000W. The higher the power of the metal laser cutting machine, the faster the cutting speed and the thicker the material that can be cut. Of course, they are also more expensive. Therefore, when choosing a fiber laser cutting machine, we must proceed from the needs of the enterprise, and do not blindly determine the final purchase result based on price.
If you buy a low-power fiber optic laser cutting machine just for the cheap price, but the cutting effect is not good or the cutting is not clear, then your investment is wasted. Or think that the most expensive is the best, but in fact there is no such thick metal plate to be cut in the workshop, so the extra cost will be wasted. Therefore, before you buy metal cutting equipment, be sure to tell the laser cutting machine manufacturer about your needs, and they will recommend the appropriate power and configuration for you. If you need, you can also ask their staff to show you the cutting process through video, so that you can clearly understand the cutting speed and cutting effect.
CNC fiber laser cutting machine shows irreplaceable advantages in cutting metal materials. In addition to high-precision cutting of common metals such as carbon steel and stainless steel, it can also cut highly reflective metals such as copper and aluminum. Of course, the adjustment of process parameters is very important before starting to laser cut metal. Different materials and different thicknesses have different cutting processes. In specific applications, the most suitable cutting parameters should be selected according to the situation. Optimizing the production process is also an important means to maintain the long-term stability and leadership of the enterprise.
Laser cutting metal
In recent years, with the continuous reduction of the price of fiber laser cutting machine, it is no longer just a metal cutting equipment unique to large enterprises. Many small companies also have enough capacity to purchase fiber laser cutting machines. Because whether you are a metal manufacturing company or a metal cutting service provider, choosing a laser cutting machine can expand your business scope, help you recover costs faster and create greater benefits.

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