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Photo Feedback of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine from Polish user
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Fiber laser cutting machine
ACCTEK fiber laser cutting machine with rotary axis has arrived in Poland. After using it for a period of time,  customers sent us photos of their shop work. This fiber laser cutter can not only cut metal plates, but the rotary axis can also cut various metal pipes, which provides a great help for the workshop to carry out metal projects. The following is a working photo of the Polish user shop.
Fiber laser cutting metal
Fiber laser cutting metal
Metal project work
This fiber laser cutting machine adopts Raytools brand auto-focusing cutting head, which can high-speed perforation and cutting of various metal material. The XY axis is equipped with an 850W Yaskawa servo motor, and the Z axis is equipped with a 400W Panasonic servo motor. Faster speed with signal feedback, realizes acceleration and deceleration at high speed, and has fast response.
The automatic rotary axis is an important configuration of the fiber laser cutting machine. 200mm diameter, 6000mm length automatic Rotary axis for cutting round and square tube. It adopts an electric clamp design on both sides, which can automatically expand and contract the material and adjust the position of the material. 
Fiber laser cutting machine AKJ1530FR is professionally used for cutting various metal plates and tubes. If you need to know the same machine of Polish users, you can click the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine AKJ1530FR, which is our new design.

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