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Why are the prices of engraving machines so different from one another?

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    Engraving machine price has high and low, some machines in the appearance and processing mode is the same, but their price is high and low, what are the factors affecting the price?Why the difference?
    From the transmission way, carving machine is divided into screw machine and machine rack, as is known to all, rack and the price of screw machine you too much, screw machine commonly used in advertising industry, annatto furniture also suggested that choose this type, and rack machine, transmission speed is faster, generally used for cutting, wood processing and so on, is not to say that the rack machine is not suitable for the advertising industry, machine rack but in advertising industry, the ratio of overqualified.Screw machine three axis is the screw drive, rack machine XY axis is the rack drive, rack machine is double drive.Rack machine is the same, the price difference is also very big, this has to be compared from each part of the engraving machine.
    1. For example, the spindle is generally divided into water-cooled and air-cooled, and the price varies according to the brand.
    2, and then drive motor, such as the same domestic motor, there are big motor and small motor points.
    3. The same is true for drivers. First, there are different brands, including those under research and control, and also those under Reisai.
    4, bed, channel steel, square pipe, cast iron, many customers know cast iron bed is good, in fact, if the pipe is thicker, the cost is higher than cast iron, stability is better than cast iron.
    5, the beam, some with steel, some with aluminum, the price difference is also very big, but many customers see only is the beam, do not care whether it is steel or aluminum.
    6, square rail, now using the general is Taiwan, but a few manufacturers are using the real Taiwan square rail, many are to buy high imitation, but since it is a good product, there will be theft, it is recommended to choose a big brand carving machine factory, with accessories worthy of trust.
    Engraving machine price factors generally on these several, in the choice of configuration should not only look at the price, the choice of configuration and engraving machine processing method, running speed, precision, machine life related, it is recommended to shop around in the choice, choose suitable for their engraving machine.

    Most of the frequency converters used on the engraving machine are special frequency converters, whose output frequency is 300HZ and 40HZ, and the machine in the machining center can even reach the high frequency of 800HZ. The rated frequency is set according to the factory parameters of the spindle motor.The correct frequency setting will make the spindle perform better, otherwise it will damage the spindle.
    When parameters are adjusted, frequency shall be set first, including maximum frequency, upper frequency, rated frequency and minimum frequency.The maximum frequency is the frequency corresponding to the maximum speed of spindle motor, and the rated frequency is the rated frequency of spindle motor, that is, the frequency corresponding to the rated voltage.The upper frequency is generally the frequency normally used, and the minimum frequency is the lower frequency.If the frequency setting is incorrect, the spindle motor cannot work normally, and the spindle will be damaged for a long time, then the frequency converter will be damaged.
    When adjusting the frequency, also have to consider the control system output is what signal, generally there are low, high, multi - segment number and analog to control the frequency of the spindle.If it is more than control section number, the custom is first three terminals for low and middle terminals, general factory defaults to 1, 2, 3, and then set the number of multistage frequency values, generally is 100 hz150z200z250hz30hz35hz400hz several speed can switch back and forth, if it is analog control, the only change 10 v corresponding frequency, the maximum set to use at ordinary times frequency.
    These basic parameters set can normal use, but some special spindle, special models need to change other parameters, such as constant power spindle parameters setting, constant power spindle frequency range is wide, if according to the common curve set parameters, the spindle in the early stages of the start, there is a lot of noise, and the harm of main shaft is larger, by this time have to custom curve of frequency, is in a certain voltage, corresponding to a certain frequency, gradually will increase the frequency of the main shaft to best.
Some models need to start and stop the main shaft quickly, have external brake resistance, need to switch on the inverter parameters brake, and the parking mode is changed to slow down to stop and dc brake, the parking time should be shortened, in order to meet the requirements of the site.
    In the process of daily use, the frequency converter is prone to fault alarm.To deal with these alarm problems, we first have to find the instructions and see what the alarm code explanation means.Common alarm code functions :1, undervoltage alarm refers to the input terminal voltage is too low, there may be a lack of phase, check whether the input side voltage abnormal /2, over-flow voltage overload alarm, which generally refers to the frequency converter after the use of a long time, there is generally power loss, at this time there will be several kinds of alarm.Processing advice, reduce the load, the knife is not as deep as before, at the same time change the parameters to increase the frequency converter over the load range.3, module fault, this is generally the output side of short circuit or ground, this time do not force frequent power, so as not to damage the frequency converter, the need to do is to check the frequency converter UVW between the short circuit, whether the spindle motor plug ignition phenomenon.
    After power on the inverter sometimes can't display properly, will have to check whether the inverter panel is installed, whether three-phase electricity into the inverter RST terminals, whether to have lighter smoking phenomenon, according to the phenomenon can find root cause, and prompt inverter for a long time need not, electricity when not to electricity, several times to frequent electricity blackout, so that you can avoid switching power supply and the damage of the capacitance.

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