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How widely is the engraving machine used

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    Speaking of engraving machine how much you might understand some, but when it comes to its application fields can most people can't say it out, actually carving machine application field is very wide, like what we see in daily life are carved most is made and become, carving mechanism let's count ~ we are familiar with the application of field
    1. Make name tags
    I'm sure you've all seen the badges people wear in front of their bodies, some custom-made, some carved with small tools.It is usually made with sculpting mechanism, which is usually of low power, convenient and fast.Some of the building models are also carved with small power engraver, look very realistic.
    2, mold processing
    Many artisans like to use molds to make what they want.The mold processing is generally with a high-power engraving machine, not only fast, more importantly, the efficiency is very high, in a short time can make a large number of materials.This is why many people choose engraving machines.
    3. Making exhibition and display models
    I believe that all of you have seen the exhibitions held by big companies, in which they showed us many models, all of which were made by carving mechanism, and the machines were of great power.In addition, there are also carved patterns on ceramics and jade, pendant a kind of are completed by the carving machine.
    Engraving machine application field is wide, divided into the processing of wood stone, advertising machine, laser machine and other machines, different types of machine application field is different, or need to choose the appropriate engraving machine according to the material, according to the size of the production product to choose the size of power.

    When we need to carve some stone, density board will use engraving machine, so the application of engraving machine is more extensive.It is not important in the use of the process if you do not pay attention to its maintenance, the machine will appear faults, affecting the normal use of the function.So in order not to affect the use of engraving machine function, maintenance and care of it is crucial.
    1. Users should defragment it regularly and optimize the computer system.Check for viruses on a regular basis, but remember not to open the antivirus program at work, because it is easy to be interrupted when working.
    2, after the completion of the sculpture work, in order to facilitate the next work must pay attention to the table clean.To pay attention to the regular cleaning of some of the guide rail material debris, so as to prevent debris interference resulting in the engraving machine stuck phenomenon.
    3, the case above the dust also remember to clean up regularly, so as to ensure the good heat dissipation, and can be very good to prevent the industrial control card abnormal errors.Computer engraving machine is not in use, in the case of lower room temperature * the water in the water tank pour away, to prevent the occurrence of frost crack phenomenon.Periodically check the applicable temperature of the standard oil to be added.At least keep it warm.The lead screw should also be cleaned regularly to prevent any stolen goods from sticking.
    4. The machine will have precision error after two years of operation, so the diagonal should be adjusted regularly to ensure the machining accuracy of the machine.
    5. Use a vacuum cleaner (for car washing) once a week to control the electric box to ensure that the electrical components are not disturbed by dust.Note: Please turn off the main power supply during maintenance.When live detection is required, professional electrical personnel should be employed.Please check the fan filter screen in the electrical box once a month to keep it clean to prevent dust from entering the electrical box, affecting the performance stability of electrical components.Check the emergency stop button periodically.
    6. The cleaning of the knife store, please pay attention to the adhesion of sawdust and dust at any time, so as not to affect the change of the knife shaft.
    7, the spindle taper hole dust is too much, when changing the tool should be cleaned in time, otherwise cause tool eccentric.Do not blow air into the main shaft with the air pipe. Under the condition of not being used for a long time, the red cover plate should be covered to prevent dust from entering.The cutter should be sharp and not damaged, otherwise it will cause uneven radial force when the spindle is rotating.The workpiece should be fixed firmly, otherwise the spindle will vibrate during the processing.
    8. Check the oil-water separator every day and release water timely (water should be released every eight hours) (change the tool spindle). No oil should be blown through the middle hole, otherwise the bearing will be damaged.
    9. The gas used by the spindle shall be treated with a gas dryer to remove water, oil mist and dust particles contained in the gas.If the use of CNC machining center, every day after a thousand live, manually take the tool on the spindle, to prevent the second day of processing, the spindle without a knife alarm
    10. Besides the engraving machine, reasonable processing technology is also very important. In order to ensure the processing accuracy, please pay attention to the rationality of the processing technology
    As long as we do the above mentioned maintenance work, it can reduce the frequency of engraving machine fault, and can ensure the engraving machine life while more good service for us.

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