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What do we need to notice when we use the cnc router

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    Engraving machine of more and more widely used, the use of engraving machine are distributed in all walks of life, most people know about carving machine is still in the state of a not very clear, after we've learned how to use the engraving machine, in fact, the most important still is must abide by the attention of engraving machine, as a kind of machine, it must have a certain risk, then we have to understand the possible danger, let yourself in a safe condition, also can let the machine run better, improve the work efficiency.
    1. Check the storage of coolant in the cooling of motor spindle before use, and start the cooling of motor spindle to ensure the normal circulation of coolant.Open positive pressure seal to prevent waste liquid and coolant from entering motor spindle bearing.
    2, the card material must be firm, must follow the principle of "solid, flat", is strictly prohibited in the place where the material hanging carving.
    3. When installing the card tool, first clean up the dust and debris in the card head, put the card head into the pressing cap and put it into the main shaft of the motor, and then insert the tool into the clamping head. Finally, it is strictly prohibited to push and pull the upper and lower knife to tighten the pressing cap.When cutting, first clean up the pressing cap and turn the scrap, loosen the pressing cap to remove the tool, then twist the pressing cap to take out the clamping head.When the clamping tool is installed, the length of the clamping head of the tool exposed shall be determined according to the engraving depth document and the clamping device.The length of the exposed clip should be as short as possible under the conditions. When the total length of the tool is less than 22mm, it is strictly prohibited to continue using.When installing the clamping tool, the length of the holder into the clamping head must be greater than 18mm.
    4, in the processing such as the use of cutting fluid must be rushed to the tool.
    5. In the carving process, it is strictly prohibited to observe closely to prevent the chips flying into the eyes.When observing, stop engraving, shut down the motor spindle and make sure that the motor spindle will not rotate during engraving. Do not touch the cutting surface by hand or wipe the working surface with cotton thread.Do not place anything on the machine table or beam;It is strictly prohibited to put your hands on the bed of the machine such as the beam and the protective device.Do not lean on the machine bed.Do not knock, hit the motor spindle, do not knock when unloading the knife.It is forbidden to use the machine tool in the state of overheating or supercooling.
    6, before engraving to carefully check the size of the tool used, whether the performance of the processing programming requirements.Carefully check if the tool path is correct before machining.Make sure that the starting point (working point) of each shaft is correct again before starting machining.
    7. The motor spindle must rest for 2h every day.It is strictly prohibited to pull and insert live wires, board CARDS and electrical appliances;When processing inflammable materials such as organic materials, there should be effective fire prevention measures at the work site.Lubricate and scrub the machine tool 10 minutes before going off work every day.Confirm that the machine stops running, stop the machine at the designated position, turn off the power, and confirm that all switches are disconnected before leaving.
cnc router

    In the process of using CNC engraving machine for embossing, the choice and use of cutting tools and jacket is very important, incorrect use of cutting tools is easy to cause the damage of cutting tools, and even make the carving effect greatly reduced.How to choose and use woodworking engraving machine tool correctly, we only need to follow the following principles.
    1, the size of the tool jacket should be appropriate, the jacket has a section, the deformation of the hole is not round enough, a long time to use wear, taper of the hole of the jacket must not be selected, easy to cause the handle shock, carving can not be satisfactory.Tool holder.The tool handle should match with the jacket and be able to enter and exit the jacket smoothly. The tool handle should be able to firmly put into the jacket and tighten. If the tool holder is used for too long, the inner hole should be deformed, and a new jacket should be replaced.
    2, to often check the toughness and sharpness of the tool, if the tool is found blunt or damaged, it is best to replace immediately, if continue to use not only the carving effect is not good, but also easy to break the danger of the knife.The thickness of the processed material should not exceed the thickness of the cutting edge, or it will break the knife or the carving effect is not ideal.
    3, different materials of engraving cutting, should choose different tools and reasonable modification of cutting engraving speed.
    4, in the engraving machine work process, the high speed rotation of the tool is very sharp, pay attention to the body parts as far as possible do not close to the processing of objects, especially pay attention to try not to wear too large work clothes, women to put up the hair, prevent the occurrence of accidents.Engraving cutting speed to maintain a balanced, processing speed as far as possible to keep consistent, engraving cutting process is best into one, to prevent the occurrence of breakpoint section knife marks.
    5. It is best to use a professional cleaner to clean the cutting tools.When the tool is not in use, apply butter to prevent the tool from rusting.Do not polish or change the shape of the blade.

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