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Which 4 axis CNC router machine is right for my job

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In response to different industrial production needs, CNC routers have continuously introduced a variety of types. Among them, the 4 axis CNC router is becoming more and more popular in manufacturing enterprises due to its versatility and efficiency. We all know that the 3-axis refers to the X, Y, and Z axes in the CNC field; correspondingly, the 4-axis generally refers to the X, Y, Z, and A axes, but sometimes the A axis is replaced by the B axis. So a CNC router with X, Y, Z, A or X, Y, Z, B axes is a 4 axis cnc router machine.
A 4 axis CNC machine can do most of the 3D machining/milling/engraving work, so it is also called a 3D CNC router. This is also one of its advantages, that is, in addition to plane processing, it can also process various object angles such as cylinders and arcs. Therefore, its application range is wider. However, when we buy a 4 axis CNC router, we often see multiple types of 4 axis CNC machines in online stores. At this time, users will have some questions, which is the machine they need? Which 4 axis CNC router is really right for my job?
In order to enable users who purchase 4 axis CNC machine tools to choose the correct machine type, this article introduces three 4-axis CNC routers with different processing methods. You can choose according to their characteristics and scope of application.

4 Axis CNC Router with Rotary Axis

This machine with a fourth axis is also known as a rotary axis CNC router, which adds a rotary axis attachment to a 3-axis CNC machine tool. A typical CNC router has only three axes and moves the cutting tool on the X, Y and Z axes for engraving and cutting work from the surface of the material. In this rotary axis CNC router, you can perform rotary cutting to make cylindrical or round workpieces.
There are two options for the rotary axis CNC router, one is to fix the rotary axis attachment on the machine side. This type of machine is suitable for users who process a lot of cylindrical materials. You do not need to load and unload the rotating shaft every time, and you can switch between plane processing and 3D processing at any time. The other is to place the rotary shaft attachment on the CNC router table for 3D machining of cylindrical materials. In this way, the rotating shaft needs to be manually placed on the worktable every time 3D processing is performed, and the rotating shaft is removed after the 3D processing is completed. It is suitable for less processing of cylindrical materials, saves space, and is relatively cheap.
Although this 4-axis CNC router can process 3D workpieces, the processing range is limited. It can only do some regular, symmetrical cylindrical carving projects. Suitable for processing table legs, chair legs, Roman columns, pen holders and other products. If your machining projects are limited to flat and cylindrical materials, then this is the 4 axis CNC router you need.
4 Axis CNC Router with Rotary Axis

4 Axis CNC Router with 4 Spindles

Sometimes people refer to a CNC machine tool with 4 spindles as a 4-axis CNC router or a 4-head CNC router. This CNC machine tool generally refers to a CNC router with four rotary axis. In the above introduction, you learned about a 4-axis CNC router that can machine planes and 3D projects. And this kind of rotary axis CNC router can only be used for 3D projects of machining cylinders and spheres shape. It does not have a CNC router plate table, but consists of four rotating axes to form a processing space.
A CNC router with four spindles and four rotary axes has the advantage of being able to process batches. Its four spindles work at the same time, and the machine can complete the production of 4 3D workpieces in one processing, which greatly improves the production speed. The work efficiency of multiple devices can be completed in the same time, which greatly reduces the purchase cost of production equipment and is economical. And when batch processing, the consistency of the product is better and the quality is high.
If you want to process flat materials and cylindrical materials in batches, you can consult the ACCTEK staff online, and we will provide you with customized solutions for CNC routers.
4 Axis CNC Router with 4 Spindles

4 Axis CNC Router with Swing Head

The 4 axis CNC router with swing head is also called true 4 axis CNC router, which can make all four axes of X, Y, Z and A work simultaneously. Accordingly, it is capable of sculpting various 3D items of regular, irregular, symmetrical and asymmetrical. A true 4 axis cnc router machine gives you more flexibility, it can engrave or mill cylindrical blanks at any angle from 0 degrees to 180 degrees.
The 4 axis CNC wood router with swing head can make grooves on cylindrical objects at any angle, while the rotary axis 4-axis CNC router can only make 90-degree grooves. The swing head 4-axis engraving machine is more flexible, and the work efficiency and types of shapes that can be processed are higher than that of the rotary-axis 4-axis engraving machine, so the true four-axis can be used for a wider range of production and processing. In addition to the 3D machining of cylindrical materials, you can use it to process various irregular 3D projects such as ship models, car models, Buddha statues, etc., which is a processing technology that other types of 4 axis CNC routers cannot complete.
4 Axis CNC Router with Swing Head
This article introduces you to a variety of 4 axis CNC routers to suit your 3D machining projects. Each type of 4 axis CNC machine tool has its own advantages and characteristics. Only by choosing the most suitable machine for the production needs of the workshop, can the maximum value of the machine be brought into play and the maximum profit for the enterprise.

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