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Large size 4 axis CNC router with ATC sent to Mauritius

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ACCTEK has a large-size 4-axis CNC router machine being tested at the factory, and the machine is performing well. We will ship it to Mauritius this week. 4-axis CNC router  has all the same axes of a 3-axis router plus the additional A-axis that rotates the spindle around the X-axis up to 180 degrees during the cutting process. It is the preferred method for advanced, intricate cuts and carvings.
4 axis cnc router
Our Mauritian customer is a large mold manufacturer. The staff Leo ordered this large-size 4-axis CNC router for the user according to the actual engraving needs of the customer. The following is an introduction to this customized 4-axis cnc engraving machine. If you need to process three-dimensional workpieces, you can use it as a reference.
The working area of this  CNC router AKM3030-4axis is 3000×3000×1500mm. Mauritian users mainly carry out the engraving of large-size molds such as ship models. Therefore, this 4-axis engraving machine has a larger working table and a higher Z axis. The machine is equipped with Taiwan Syntec 21MA control system, which has good stability, powerful functions. The operating software is simple and easy to learn, the man-machine operation is friendly. Professionally applied to high-end cnc router machines, the anti-interference ability and control accuracy of the control system are superior to other types.
The 4-axis engraving machine spindle chooses the 9.0KW Italian HSD air cooling ATC spindle. HSD is the leading world company in the production of electrospindles produced, are characterised by their extremely high reliability.This spindle has high precision, long life, low noise and low vibration. The axial stability of the spindle is good, and the workpiece machining accuracy is high. Very suitable for engraving processing of fine patterns. It can ensure that accurate patterns are obtained during mold processing. When the machine is working, there is no need to manually change the tool, which greatly improves the efficiency.
4 axis cnc router
The XYZ axis chooses Japanese Yaskawa 850W servo motor, A axis is Yaskawa 400W servo motor to ensure the machine stronger strength and high accuracy. High power Yaskawa absolute AC servo drive system, which greatly shortens the setting time, realizes acceleration and deceletation at high speed, and has fast response. It has resonance suppression function to ensure that the machine runs smoothly at high speed. Strong anti-interference ability and strong anti-overload capability.
Because the user still needs to engrave cylindrical materials for the production of the model, this 4-axis CNC router machine adds a rotary axis device with a length of 2000mm and a diameter of 500mm. In addition, the 4-axis CNC router is also equipped with 3.0KW double bags dust collector. When the engraving machine is working, the dust-proof brush on the spindle to control all the sawdust residues in a small range, and then debris is sucked into the vacuum cleaner. It not only ensures the cleanliness of the working environment, but also benefits the health of the staff.
4 axis cnc router
The 4 axis cnc router is specially for 3D work. The spindle can be rotated 180 degrees, so that the cnc router can handle flat engraving and three-dimensional processing. It can be programmed to reduce human interference in the specific manufacturing process. This helps reduce production time, thereby ensuring increased production efficiency.
Acctek 4 axis cnc router adopts heavy-duty frame and gantry structure, and the machine body is more sturdy. The main parts are all from world famous suppliers, which ensures that the 4 axis cnc router has a good performance when working. Believe that our engraving equipment can process better products for you.

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