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Buy fiber laser marking machine or CO2 laser marking machine

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A laser marking machine, also known as a laser engraving machine and laser engraver, is a device for marking patterns on the surface of materials. When you buy a laser marking machine, you will find that there are two types of machines, one is fiber laser marking machine and the other is CO2 laser marking machine. So what was the difference between them? In this article, we introduce the respective application fields and characteristics of different laser marking equipment to help you choose the most suitable laser engraving machine.
The main difference that determines what materials each laser marker can handle is the wavelength of the laser. Fiber lasers typically have a wavelength of 1060nm, while CO2 lasers have wavelengths in the 10600nm range. Below are their applications and advantages.

Application of fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine is best suited for high-contrast markings such as metal annealing, etching and engraving. Fiber lasers produce extremely small focal diameters, making them ideal for permanently marking patterns on metals. Different materials can be marked with a fiber laser engraver, including stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, gold, silver, copper, and more.
Fiber laser marking machine

Advantages of fiber laser marking machine

1. The pattern engraved by fiber laser is permanent and will not fade with time.
2. The laser engraving machine does not need to use consumables such as ink, it can be used after power on, and the operating cost is low.
3. The fiber laser has a long service life and a very low failure probability, so the maintenance cost is low.
4. Simple operation. The laser marking machine has a CNC control system and easy-to-use laser marking software, which can be started with simple training.
5. The marking speed is fast, the work efficiency is high, and it is easy to realize automation.
6. With MOPA fiber laser, you can use laser marking machine to make color marking on stainless steel material, which is the most characteristic place.

Application of CO2 Laser Marking Machine

CO2 laser marking machine is suitable for pattern engraving on the surface of various non-metallic materials. Including acrylic, wood, plastic, glass, carton, textile, marble, etc. Therefore, it is more suitable for marking food packaging, wallets, shoe uppers and cables.
CO2 laser marking machine

Advantages of CO2 laser marking machine

In addition to the engraving function, the high-power CO2 laser marking machine can also cut non-metallic materials.
Laser marking machines can engrave different shapes and designs, such as letters, barcodes, badges, portraits, LOGO, dates, etc.

How much is the laser marking machine

At present, there are many types of hand-held laser marking machines, portable laser marking machines, desktop laser marking machines, color laser marking machines and large-format laser marking machines on the market to choose from. Their prices range from $2,000-$10,000. Generally speaking, the price of fiber laser marking machine may be higher than that of CO2 laser marking machine with the same characteristics (power, size). The initial cost of a machine is only a fraction of the total cost, it is important to consider maintenance, operation and running costs.
Although each laser marking machine has its own advantages and unique application areas, CO2 laser marking is an older process. With the advancement of technology, fiber laser marking is more popular in the market due to its advantages of fast running speed, low running cost and high marking accuracy. Now that we know more about both types of laser marking equipment, which one to choose depends on the material you need to mark. If you are marking/engraving organic or non-metallic materials, then of course you will be looking for a CO2 laser marking machine. If the bulk of your production involves thin metals, you may want to consider investing in a fiber laser marking machine. With a fiber laser, your production will be faster and the running costs will not be as high as with a CO2 laser.
What kind of laser marker/laser engraver should you buy? CO2 or fiber? It all depends on your business needs.

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