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The history and development prospect of laser cleaning machine

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As a popular equipment in recent years, laser cleaning machine has shown broad development prospects. This article will take you to understand its history and development.


The historical development of laser cleaning

When it comes to rust removal by laser cleaning machines, many people are not unfamiliar. Although laser cleaning machines have only become popular equipment in the field of industrial cleaning in recent years, laser cleaning has actually been around for a long time.
In 1973, JF Asmus proposed that lasers could be used to clean artworks. It has been found that by focusing a high-energy laser beam on the contaminated parts of some items, a series of complex physical and chemical processes such as vibration, melting, evaporation, and combustion of the irradiated material can occur, so that the contaminants can finally be separated from the surface of the item. To achieve the removal of contaminants on its surface, this is laser cleaning. Even limited by the types of lasers available at the time, JF Asmus spent the next 10 years or more perfecting his findings.
In recent years, laser cleaning and laser rust removal have rapidly become research hotspots in the field of industrial manufacturing. The research contents include the working principle of laser cleaning, laser cleaning technology, laser cleaning equipment and laser cleaning application. Using theory and research discovered by JF Asmus more than 40 years ago, today's laser cleaners can clean products of all sizes and are capable of effectively removing a wide variety of contaminants from material surfaces. In addition, laser cleaning tools are environmentally friendly and produce almost no pollution. Since its emergence, laser cleaning machines have gradually replaced traditional cleaning processes in many industrial fields with their many advantages, showing broad development prospects.
Laser cleaning machine

How Laser Cleaning Works

Industrial laser cleaning machines are the process of using a laser beam to irradiate a metal surface to remove contaminants from its surface. Taking laser rust removal as an example, the rust on the metal surface is rapidly heated and expanded by absorbing the energy of the laser beam, fragmented, and overcomes the surface suction, thereby detaching from the metal surface. Due to the extremely short action time of laser rust removal, it can instantly generate explosive impact force with great acceleration, which is enough to provide sufficient acceleration for fine particles to escape from the adsorption of metal.
From the point of view of the laser cleaning system, the pulsed laser emits high-energy pulsed laser light, which is then transmitted to the shaping module through the optical fiber, reflected by the single-axis or dual-axis scanning galvanometer, and then irradiated to the contamination layer on the surface of the workpiece. The rust, paint, oil, oxide, coating and other pollutants on the surface of the workpiece are vaporized, light-stripped, light-decomposed, and light-vibrated to achieve the purpose of material cleaning.
Principle of laser cleaning

Why laser cleaning won't damage the substrate

Due to the different chemical compositions of the material matrix and the contaminants on the surface of the matrix, their absorption rates for laser light are also different. By choosing the correct laser type and pulse width, the substrate of the material to be cleaned will reflect more than 95% of the laser light, so that it will not suffer any damage during the laser cleaning process. The contaminants on the surface of the material will absorb most of the laser beam energy, causing the temperature of itself to rise instantaneously and vaporize, so that the contaminants are removed and the substrate is not damaged.

Features of laser cleaning machine

Simple and convenient operation
The handheld laser rust removal gun is comfortable to hold, and can flexibly deal with pollution from various angles to complete accurate cleaning. The laser cleaning system can save a variety of cleaning parameters, no need to set each time, and can start the laser rust removal work faster.
High efficiency
Under the irradiation of a high-energy laser beam, the contaminants on the surface of the material can be vaporized and evaporated instantly, and this time is very short. Whether it is laser rust removal or laser paint removal, the operation process is characterized by high efficiency.
The laser cleaning system does not need to use any chemicals and other cleaning media, and no other pollutants will be generated during the operation, which can easily solve the environmental pollution problem caused by chemical cleaning.
Lower running costs
Although your initial investment in purchasing a laser cleaning machine is high, in addition to a small amount of electricity during use, the laser cleaning system does not require any consumables, and the maintenance cost is very low.
Real-time control and effect feedback
The cleaning action stops as soon as the laser is turned off, so the laser cleaning machine operator can control the laser cleaning process in real time. The operator can continuously monitor the surface condition of the material during the laser rust removal process to make decisions.
Handheld laser cleaning gun

The development prospect of laser cleaning machine

In the field of industrial applications, with the rapid development of laser technology and the continuous in-depth research on the principle of laser cleaning, the materials after laser rust removal have obtained higher surface cleaning quality. The precision and efficiency of laser cleaning tool are also constantly improving. Today, laser cleaning has become a reliable technique for cleaning surface contaminants from a wide variety of substrates.
With the diversified development of market demand, users will put forward higher requirements for laser cleaning machine manufacturers. Although laser cleaning has not completely replaced traditional cleaning technology, with the advancement of laser technology and the stricter environmental protection laws, laser cleaning machines will eventually dominate the industrial cleaning market.

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