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fiber laser cutting machine Selection of protective lens for fiber laser cutting machine

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Fiber laser cutting machine  is very popular in industrial applications as an efficient metal cutting equipment. Among them, the protective lens also plays an important role as a consumable of the fiber laser cutting machine. In addition to the application of fiber laser cutting machines, protective lenses also play an important role in other laser equipment such as laser marking machine, laser welding machine, and laser cleaning machine.  
The protective lens of the fiber laser cutting machine is used to prevent dust and slag splashing from damaging the focusing lens. If the protective lens is not properly selected, it will cause large laser loss, unstable product quality, and serious losses to the workshop. Therefore, choosing the right protective lens is a very important thing.
Fiber laser cutting machine
Laser protection lenses on the market vary widely in price and quality. So how do you choose the right protective lens for your laser equipment? ACCTEK provides you with a reference.
1. The external dimensions are matched.
2. Lens material. Users should choose K9, quartz according to different laser power and considering the cost of use. In the actual application process, professional manufacturers divide these two types of materials into multiple grades, and customers can choose corresponding specifications according to actual needs.
3. Adopt different coating technical parameters according to the use environment.
4. Under normal circumstances, the thickness of the lens is low and the laser transmittance is high. But sometimes in order to prevent the lens from being damaged by the gas pressure ejected by the laser cutting machine, a thicker lens must be used.
Although the protective lens of the fiber laser cutting machine is a consumable item, regular cleaning and maintenance of the lens can prolong its service life and improve its utilization rate. Here are the steps to clean the protective lenses:
1. Since the material of the protective lens is ZnSe (arsenic zinc), it is brittle and afraid of falling. Therefore, be careful not to use excessive force during disassembly and assembly, and do not collide with hard objects. There is an anti-reflection coating on the surface of the protective lens, so if you are afraid of pollution, you should pay attention to moisture-proof, oil-proof and scratch-proof. Never touch the protective lens of the laser cutter directly with your hands, as skin oils can permanently damage the lens surface. You can wear a gloves to operate.
2. The condition of the protective lens needs to be checked before use and cleaning. Because most contaminants are relatively small, we often need to use magnifying equipment when examining protective lenses. In addition to magnifying the device, we sometimes need to illuminate the optical surface with relatively bright light to enhance the specular intensity of surface contamination and defects, making them easier to spot.
3. When cleaning the protective lens of the laser cutting machine, always use a clean rag and optical grade solvent to prevent damage from other contaminants. Wipes must be moistened with a suitable solvent and must not be used in a dry environment.
Protective lens for fiber laser cutting machine
The use of inferior protective lenses not only affects the service life of the laser cutting head, but also affects the workshop processing progress and product processing quality. Therefore, when you buy protective lenses, you must buy them from regular manufacturers to ensure the quality of the lenses. Plus, good cleaning and care practices will keep your lenses last longer, reducing your costs.

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