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How to select the spindle and motor of cnc machine

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    Each carving machine according to its processing method and processing of materials has different spindle to sculpture works, finally get to make the customer satisfied with the products, like woodworking engraving machine spindle has a 4.5 KW, 6 KW and 9 KW, and advertising engraving machine spindle is commonly 3 KW, stone carving machine spindle is 5.5 KW, basically and laser machine is 80 w, 100 w, 130 w, such as selection, but the main shaft power has a small how to choose?
    Next, let's talk about the selection of spindle power according to what:
    1, advertising engraving machine: the object of engraving is soft material, such as PVC, acrylic, density board, etc., so the main shaft power of advertising engraving machine is within 1.5kw3.0kW, so the choice can not only achieve the purpose of engraving but also save costs.
    2, woodworking carving machine: the spindle motor of woodworking carving machine can be selected according to the hardness of the processed wood, its power is generally about 2.2KW-4.5KW. The spindle power of the processing center used for board furniture will be larger, reaching 9KW, but this kind of collocation is also the most reasonable.
    3, stone carving machine: manufacturers with stone carving machine spindle power is relatively high, generally around 4.5k7.5K, for stone machine spindle power and advertising machine on the contrary, because the material is hard not easy to carve, so the most commonly used or 5.5K spindle motor, water cooling.
    4. Tombstone carving machine: The spindle power of tombstone carving machine should also be selected according to the hardness of the stone material processed. The general power is 3.0kW, 4.5KW, which can meet the customer's demand and also carve out satisfactory products.
    5. Jade carving machine: The jade carving machine USES a smaller spindle. The power of the motor is generally 2.2K-3.0kW.
    Choose the engraving machine spindle according to the hardness of the material, the need to process the way and the size of the processing table to choose, if the choice of large power spindle will not only cause waste and also do not save electricity, if the power is too small will not reach the processing requirements, so in the selection of heavy.

    CNC machinery such as opening machine, engraving machine drive motor is commonly used in two kinds, one is the stepper motor, one is the servo motor, the domestic motor shenzhen Lei Sai manufacturers and out of the industry called a hybrid servo drive motor, is actually a closed-loop step motor with encoder.
    Many times the speed of a CNC machine, in addition to the control system, also depends on the use of the motor is stepper or servo.
    So what are the differences between a stepper motor and a servo motor?Generally speaking, the two motor control modes are different. The stepping motor is driven by open-loop control, while the servo motor with encoder is driven by closed-loop control.
    1. Control accuracy.The accuracy of the stepping motor depends on the phase number and beat number of the motor. The higher the phase number and beat number are, the higher the accuracy will be. The precision of the servo motor is taken from the encoder, and the more the scale value of the encoder is, the higher the accuracy will be.
    2. Low frequency characteristics.In general, low-frequency vibration is easy to occur when stepper motor is running at low speed, so damping technology or driver subdivision is generally used to solve low-frequency vibration.However, the servo motor runs very smoothly and will not vibrate even at low speed.
    3. Moment frequency characteristics.The output torque of the stepping motor will decrease with the increase of the speed, that is, the higher the motor speed is, the smaller the output force of the motor will be. The AC servo motor outputs with constant torque and will not change the intensity due to the speed.
    4. Overload capacity.Stepping motor generally does not have overload performance, that is, do not exceed the output range, otherwise it is easy to cause motor burn out, while AC servo motor has strong overload capacity, can increase the output, encoder will automatically adjust, will not cause motor damage due to overload.
    5. Performance.Stepper motor control mode for open loop control, start frequency is too high or load step too prone to throw, not even the phenomenon of burning, when high speed stop running easy appear overshoot phenomenon, ac servo drive system for closed loop control, motor drive directly to the motor encoder feedback signal and sampling, general won't appear stepper motor step easily lost or speed overshoot phenomenon, more reliable control performance.
    6. Speed response performance.Stepping motor from static start to work to accelerate the required speed of hundreds of seconds, and ac servo system acceleration performance is relatively good, generally only a few seconds, so it is generally used in the requirement of fast start-stop control occasions or above the machine.
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