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What are the principles and advantages of laser rust removal

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If the metal surface is rusted, you must find a way to remove these rusted places, otherwise the rust will affect the service life of the workpiece. With the continuous development of fiber laser technology, it is also widely used in the field of metal rust removal. Laser cleaning machine has become common equipment in the field of industrial metal rust removal.
Even in the face of a variety of traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning machines have still become the mainstream equipment in the field of industrial metal rust removal. Some friends are more concerned about the laser rust removal principle, and some friends are more concerned about whether there is an advantage in using this method to remove rust? In fact, laser rust removal method has been used a few years ago, and it has been proven to be particularly effective. The following is a brief introduction to the basic principles and some advantages.

Basic principle of Laser Rust Removal

The basic principle of laser rust removal is actually very simple, that is, the generated laser will form a pulse, and then the intensity of this pulse is very high, and it is a short-pulse laser. This short-pulse laser continuously acts on the surface of the object to be rusted, and then the rusted parts of the surface can be expanded a lot, and then a lot of collisions will be generated under this expansion, and then through such a collision can slowly peel off the rusted place so that a good rust removal effect can be achieved. In fact, this method is simple and convenient to remove rust, and it is also a very time-saving rust removal method. At the same time, using laser to remove rust does not need to worry about heat accumulation on the metal surface, so the material of the metal itself will not be affected.
Principle of Laser Rust Removal

Advantages of Laser Rust Removal

After a lot of experiments, it has been shown that laser rust removal only removes the oxides remaining on the metal surface, and does not cause damage to the metal itself. Obviously, such a laser rust removal method has many advantages. For example, when laser rust removal is performed, no chemical corrosion is required, and no cleaning friction is required. Therefore, it is very good to avoid the cost of purchasing chemicals, and it can also avoid the waste of time caused by repeated grinding. The whole process of laser to removal rust is very environmentally friendly and does not produce some toxic and harmful powder, so it is a very green rust removal method.
And using laser cleaning machine to remove rusted metal is not grinding or contact rust removal, so it will not cause any damage to the metal substrate itself, and it is also a relatively low-cost way to remove rust. For example, when there was no such laser rust remover in the past, people may choose to use electrophoresis to remove rust, but this method of rust removal will consume a lot of electricity. The use of laser to remove rust will eliminate this concern at all, and this method of rust removal will not cause too much damage to the precision of the original material. If it is removed by grinding or cleaning Rust may affect the precision of the original metal.
Rust removal with a laser is precise and selective without affecting other areas around the material. Because the laser beam can be precisely positioned, when you find that a certain part of the metal workpiece is rusted, you can use the laser cleaning machine to accurately remove the rusted part. After cleaning by laser focusing, you will find that the rust removal effect is very fine and will not affect other good parts of the workpiece. This advantage of the laser cleaning machine also makes it possible to perform rust removal operations on the dead corners of the workpiece that are not easy to clean, which helps to make the cleaning of the workpiece more effective and thorough.
Laser rust remover has many advantages. In addition to the above advantages, there is also a great advantage that laser rust remover can be completely automated. Now there is a complete set of equipment, as long as the equipment is brought over, and then opened, the rust removal operation can be carried out automatically. Therefore, using this method to remove rust can indeed not only save labor costs, but also greatly improve the efficiency of rust removal. At present, if there is rust on the metal surface, the use of laser to remove rust is currently recognized as a better way to remove rust. Laser rust removal machine is not only widely used in China, but also are very popular cleaning equipment in the international market.

The numerous advantages of laser rust removal machine make it occupy a major market in the field of industrial cleaning. However, in the face of various types of laser cleaning machines, choosing the right equipment can help companies create the greatest value. Below are the introductions of three laser cleaning machines, which are aimed at different industrial fields. Click the link to view more detailed information.

Pulse Portable Laser Cleaning Machine

Portable Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine
Pulse laser cleaning machine has advantages in the following application scenarios: restoration of historical relics, such as bronzes, Buddha statues, etc. Precious artworks, precision instruments, precious metal jewelry, porcelain, glass, rubber molds, injection molds, and anything else that requires gentle cleaning.

1000W Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

1000W Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine
The 1000W laser cleaning machine has advantages in the following application scenarios: rust removal of construction machinery, car body paint removal, industrial pipe rust removal, outdoor guardrail removal, building steel plate removal, and building exterior wall removal of graffiti and other materials that require large-scale cleaning.

Laser Cleaning and Welding Machine

Laser Cleaning and Welding Machine
This is a laser equipment that combines three functions of laser cleaning, laser welding and laser cutting. It is ideal for industrial scenarios where both welding and cleaning needs are required. For example, cleaning the rust, oil and other contaminants on the surface of the material before welding to improve the welding firmness. Or after welding, the weld seam is cleaned to improve the aesthetics of the weld seam.

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