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How Much does Laser Cleaning Machine Cost
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Laser cleaning machine is very popular in industrial applications as an efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning method. Whether you're removing rust from metal workpieces or removing paint from machinery, fiber laser cleaning machine can provide you with a clean, damage-free surface.

Laser cleaning machine

Many users of traditional cleaning equipment have many questions about laser cleaning machine. For example, how much does laser cleaning machine cost? How does laser cleaning machine work? Is fiber laser cleaner right for my workshop? If you have these questions, this article can give you the answers.

How much does laser cleaning machine cost?

The laser cleaning machine price is related to laser generator type, laser generator power, and laser generator brand. Its price ranges from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Here are the different factors that affect the fiber laser cleaning machine price.
Laser generator type
The 100W portable laser cleaning machine uses a pulsed laser generator, which can better control the heat input and prevent the substrate from being slightly soluble due to high temperature. Its high precision determines the higher cost of the laser cleaning machine. The 100W laser cleaning machine price is $10500. This high-precision laser cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning historical relics, precious jewelry, precision parts, works of art, etc.
The 1000W handheld laser cleaning machine uses a continuous laser generator, and the lowest price is only $7400. This type of fiber laser cleaner is ideal for most industrial cleaning. The cleaning speed is fast and the cleaning effect is good. And because the substrate area is large and the heat dissipation is fast, it will not cause damage to the material. 1000W laser cleaning machine is the most widely used laser rust removal machine in the industrial field.
100W laser cleaner and 1000W laser cleaner
100W portable laser cleaning machine and 1000W laser cleaning machine
Laser generator power
For pulsed laser cleaning machines, there are 100W/200W/300W/500W options, ranging in price from $10500 to $71500.
For continuous laser cleaning machines, there are 1000W/1500W/2000W options, ranging in price from $7400 to $26900.
When the laser generator type is the same, the higher the power, the faster the laser rust removal speed and the finer the effect. Of course, the price is also more expensive.
Laser generator brand
Laser brand is also an important factor affecting the laser cleaning machines cost. The same 1000W laser cleaning machine, the Raycus laser cleaning machine is priced at $7,950, while the IPG laser cleaning machine is priced at $16,900. This is related to the laser brand technology.
Operation and maintenance costs
The operation and maintenance costs of laser cleaning machines include replacement of lenses and consumption of electrical energy. Electricity consumption is usually less than $1/hour. The replacement time of the laser cleaning machine lens has a lot to do with the daily maintenance. Users should clean the lens regularly, and the cleaning method should be carried out according to the cleaning instructions to avoid damage to the lens. Proper machine maintenance can cost you little to no additional repair costs.
Aside from basic power consumption and lens wear, laser rust remover dose not require any consumable media such as chemicals or dry ice. Not only does this reduce your cleaning costs, it also makes the cleaning process safer.

What is the effect of laser cleaning machine

The picture shows the effect of 1000W laser cleaning machine before and after oil removal, paint removal and rust removal. As can be seen from the picture, whether it is laser degreasing, laser paint removal or laser rust removal, a good surface cleaning effect can be achieved. And there is no damage to the surface of the material after cleaning. For more laser rust removal videos, you can search "AccTek China" on YouTube to see more.
laser paint removal and laser rust removal

Is laser cleaning machine right for my workshop?

If you need to remove rust, paint, remove oxides, and remove oil, laser cleaning machines can provide you with effective solutions.
If you are not sure if your material is suitable for laser cleaning. Let us know and we can record a cleaning video of this material for you, so you can intuitively understand whether laser cleaning is right for your workshop.
If you're choosing a laser cleaning machine for your business, we'll be happy to show you the machine in action and discuss everything with you.

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