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What are the features of the woodworking carving machine
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    CNC - Numerical Control computer technology
    It is a new processing technology, the main job is to compile the processing program, the original manual work into computer programming.Nc machine tool feed processing route refers to the path that the turning tool passes through from the point of cutting to the point of returning and ending the processing program, including the path of cutting and cutting tool cutting.Non - cutting empty travel path, and the precision machining feed path is basically along the parts of the outline sequence.Therefore, the point of determining the route is.Determine feed routes for rough machining and air travel.CNC machining refers to the machining with CNC machining tools.CNC is index control machine tool controlled by nc programming language, usually in the form of G code, nc machining G code language told CNC machine tool, USES the cartesian coordinates, and controls the tool feed rate and spindle speed, as well as the tools become cooler, coolant, and other functions of the most common way of nc machining with CNC milling, CNC cars, CNC EDM wire cutting.
    Cad -Computer- Aided Design
    The use of computers and their graphics equipment to assist designers in their design work.In design, computers are usually used to calculate, analyze and compare different schemes in order to determine the optimal scheme.All kinds of design information, whether digital, literal or graphic, can be stored in the memory or external memory of the computer, and can be quickly retrieved;The designer usually starts the design with a sketch, and the heavy work of turning the sketch into a working diagram can be handed over to the computer.The design result generated automatically by the computer can make the graph quickly, so that the designer can make judgment and modification to the design in time;The computer can be used to edit, zoom in, zoom out, translate, copy and rotate graphics data processing work.
    Cam-computer-aided Manufacturing
    Use computer assisted to complete the whole process from production to product manufacturing activities, namely through direct or indirect computer linked to the manufacturing process and production equipment, with computer system to manage the manufacturing process plan and the operation of the control of the production equipment and operation, dealing with the data needed for product manufacturing process, control and processing material flow (billet and parts, etc.), for product testing and inspection, etc.
The core is computer numerical control (referred to as NUMERICAL control programming), which generates NC code that can be read by machine tools through computer programming, so as to make machine tools run more accurately and efficiently and save a lot of costs for enterprises.

    With the progress of machinery industry science and technology, a lot of customers do carving industry, have begun to slowly give up hand carving, with carving machine equipment.However, the market engaged in engraving machine products manufacturers have a lot of, the price, model, function, parameters are also different, see us is dazzling, do not know which to choose a good, which brand is good.If it is the first time to buy engraving machine, be sure to pay attention to the following points, so that you buy a more stable machine, spend more money at ease.
    1, buy stone carving machine to see the quality of the machine, the old saying goes well, a price a points goods, you don't think about all the good pie, buy engraving machine equipment is different from buying food, I'm here suggest that we must go to factory on-the-spot investigation about the quality of the machine, seeing is believing, many customers only see the surface appearance of the machine, don't know about the inner configuration of the machine, very easy to be deceived.
    2, buy engraving machine first to see the size of the factory, because now there are a lot of local agent deceive customers, all in the name of the manufacturer like this have no production factory, only the goods to sell goods, resolute can't buy, because there was no company, he can quit at any time, and a few small family workshop in the partnership, while selling price cheap machine, but there is no after-sale guarantee.
    3, the purchase of engraving machine also depends on the company's after-sales ability, the machine is no matter how good, it is impossible in the use of the process without problems, if a company does not have a strong after-sales team, then the later period is very troublesome.

    In the current form of woodworking carving machine technology function is more and more powerful, so that the woodworking enterprise application process more and more time and effort, the following introduces the woodworking carving machine 7 technical characteristics.
    1. Display the machining track and simulation diagram.By visually displaying the processing process and observing the processing effect, the rationality of the processing effect can be investigated in advance, so as to reduce the trial cutting process and lower the processing cost.
Evaluation of processing options to help you choose a reasonable process.
    2. Breakpoint memory function.You can use this feature to keep the work going when your equipment suddenly loses power (or breaks the knife, or because the material is half finished, or some areas still need further work).
    3. Optimized arc instruction.The circle is as fast as carving straight line, the section is very smooth after using the circular arc instruction, the carving curve is more accelerated and smooth, the effect of relief is better, and there is no pause in the carving process.
    4. It is compatible with all kinds of excellent carving software in the world.Connect the world's most excellent sculpture software, such as: MASTERCAM (mold industry) ARTCAM (relief industry) can also be compatible with domestic sculpture software, such as fine carving DP, Wen Tai, etc.
    5, you can directly edit the generated G code.When the user's G code needs further modification, it can be read directly (open in WINDWS Notepad format), making it easier for you to manipulate the file.
    6. Woodworking engraving machine can be programmed by itself.You can edit some neat programs directly to test the performance of the device, or you can call in advanced users for special needs.
    7, processing time.The program greatly facilitates your choice of machine purchase. By comparing the same piece of workpiece, you can then choose the product you are satisfied with. If you need batch production, you can budget your processing time, or help you choose the efficient processing mode.

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