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How to solve the cnc machine engraving inaccuracy problem
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     Engraving machine is a headache, mainly because it is too destructive, such as broken knife or engraving machine shaft does not move engraving fault they do not waste the plate but the engraving machine basically the plate is scrapped, which makes many customers extremely angry.In order to better let engraving machine work, engraving machine factory summed up the following points, please pay more attention to:
    1, check whether engraving machine controlled business card printing is normal.
    2. Use engraving machine design software to check whether the path of engraving file is correct.3, check whether there are electromagnetic interference factors around the engraving machine.
    4. Eliminate static interference.
    5. Driver failure or incorrect setting of current subdivision.
    6, before the formal use of engraving machine, check the software Settings.
    7. Whether the engraving machine is connected to the computer data line is normal.
    8, check the computer control engraving machine for virus or system problems.

    Engraving machine circular guide is cylindrical linear guide, need to support the place is limited, so poor rigidity.High bearing capacity, general precision, because of the circular guide relatively low cost, short production cycle easy to install and other characteristics, in many occasions become a square linear guide substitute.
    Square rail divided into square linear guide and square hard rail, in the accuracy of rapid speed on the linear guide is better than hard rail, but in the rigid side of the hard rail is more dominant, see you use in which aspect of the machine tool equipment above, according to different machine tool equipment structure, the use of the guide style is not the same.The product features high positioning accuracy, good reproducibility, rolling motion mode of linear guide, especially small friction coefficient, especially the difference between static friction force and dynamic friction force is very small, even in the micro feed will not have idling and slipping phenomenon, analytical ability and reproducibility are good, so can achieve m-level positioning accuracy.
    The rolling friction of linear guide can be reduced to 1/201/40 of the friction resistance of sliding guide for a long time with low friction resistance. In particular, the lubrication structure is simple, easy to lubricate, excellent lubrication effect, friction contact surface wear is lower, so the walking accuracy can be maintained for a long time.The better design of geometrical mechanics structure can bear four directions of high load capacity, can bear radial, inverse radial and horizontal load at the same time, and maintain the walking precision, and can be easily applied to the preloading and the number of sliding blocks, can improve the performance and load capacity.Suitable for high speed applications with low friction resistance, low demand for driving horsepower, great energy saving effect, especially small motion wear, low temperature rise effect, can realize both mechanical miniaturization and high speed demand.
    The price of square rail engraving machine wants to be higher than the circular rail engraving machine of course, basically still see your economic ability to do in the industry, circular rail engraving function is competent for the job, it is unnecessary to spend more money to go to the buyer's rail engraving machine.Do not want to expand the size of the machine is not suitable for the future, in fact, you have a large scale, will certainly buy more and better engraving machine, engraving machine industry is now a replacement quickly suitable for their own is good.

    How does the engraving machine slot?
    Slot is the safest method according to the sketch of the four direction of the arrow to climb milling in the area of the arrow cover clockwise), after completion of this four areas along anticlockwise again once completed the design of edge groove, such edge knife after previously been down milling area will not be out of the burr problem.If necessary, use a wood file to trim the insufficiently smooth part of the edge groove after it has been slotted with an engraving machine.
    Many years ago, most hand-crafted guitars were made entirely with hand sculptors, but today most studios use sculpting machines for everything from heavy industrial equipment to small worktables.It is much better to cut the edge slot on the engraving machine bench than to use the hand engraving machine.
    Use a caliper to carefully set the depth of the carving machine, then find a scrap and double-check whether the grooves fit with the edge strips you plan to use.It is easy to pull out burrs when long fiber is cut radially into wood.For example, when trimming a guitar body, the four areas marked by arrows in the diagram below are easy to burr.Therefore, the milling should be carried out for these four areas first, that is, the carving machine is pulled along the direction of the cutting head to grasp the wood, from the front of the body, the carving machine moves clockwise.This prevents the wood from being burred as much as possible.
    If grooving a curved body such as a mandolin or curved guitar is required, the engraving table is the best solution for a small studio.Glue a wood ring of appropriate height on the tool hole to raise the body to the appropriate height and keep the sides of the body perpendicular to the table.The position of the clamp can be changed when the shaft clamp interferes with the edge cutting tool.
    The cutter head of the carving machine fixed under the workbench faces the workbench through a hole in the workbench. The slotted side of the piano body moves toward the workbench.The way to avoid burrs is the same as with a handheld engraving machine, and because the engraving machine is stationary and you can move the much lighter body with both hands, the control of the body is much more flexible.
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