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What are the advantages of ATC CNC Router Machine

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With the increasing demand of enterprises for high-efficiency processing and high-precision engraving, CNC router machine with auto tool change play an important role in promoting the development of enterprises. The ATC CNC router machine has an independent tool magazine, which can automatically change the tool according to the system settings during the processing of the workpiece without stopping the work. It is a CNC engraving machine equipment with higher technology and automatic control system.
4x8 cnc router with atc is a very popular CNC machine, its size is 4ftx8ft, which is 1300x2500mm. This size can be used in many industrial fields, such as furniture manufacturing, door panel cutting, advertising industry, art processing, etc. The 4x8 CNC router machine is equipped with 8 tools, which can engrave complex patterns. The machine can complete the auto tool change in only a few seconds between each process, which greatly improves the work efficiency. ATC CNC router machine is the ultimate trend in the development of CNC engraving machine equipment.
4x8 cnc router with atc

Features of ATC CNC Router Machine

The ATC CNC router machine adopts Taiwan Syntec control system, which has a good engraving intelligent processing program, which can well prevent mechanical collisions. This numerical control control system can better control the processing speed and improve the processing efficiency. The CNC engraving machine with auto tool change has advanced file preprocessing function, which can help users to correct processing errors in time, and the compatibility is better than other systems.
Each auto tool change CNC engraving machine produced by the ACCTEK CNC factory has its own vacuum cleaner device. The dust-proof brush and suction port are installed on the cnc router spindle, which can collect debris and other garbage into the dust bag through the suction pipe while the main shaft is processing the plate. Especially for businesses where processing wood is very common, a vacuum cleaner unit will provide you with great convenience. It not only keeps the cnc router table clean and tidy, but also maintains the working environment, which greatly reduces the time for users to clean the machine and work area. Moreover, a clean environment also has a better protective effect on the health of the cnc engraving machine operator.
The biggest feature of the ATC CNC router machine is that it is equipped with an auto tool changer device. There are linear atc cnc router and disc atc cnc router. The tool magazine can load 4-12 different tools, you can choose according to the actual processing needs. 9.0KW high-power air-cooled spindle is selected for the atc cnc router spindle. This high-quality ATC spindle has higher machining precision, which can ensure the accuracy while running at high speed, greatly improve the working stability of the cnc engraving machine, and ensure the smooth progress of precision engraving and high-speed cutting. As an auto tool changer spindle, it is more dustproof and rigid, which effectively prolongs the service life of the spindle.
Another feature of the ATC CNC router machine is the use of aluminum T-slots and a vacuum combined worktable. This CNC router table top can hold a wider range of materials, even hollow type boards, or very thin and very light wood boards, can be firmly fixed on the table. The wood board will not vibrate due to high-speed processing, ensuring high-precision engraving.
The advantages of the ATC CNC router machine make it widely used in the woodworking field, and it can complete many woodworking project plans. For example, solid wood tables and chairs, composite doors, screens, wardrobes, bedside tables, solid wood handicrafts, office furniture, etc.
Adding other configurations to the ATC CNC router machine can help you get more work done. Click on the product link below to view details.

ATC CNC Router With A Horizontal Spindle

ATC CNC Router With A Horizontal Spindle
This is an ATC CNC router machine with a disc auto tool changer, the tool magazine is equipped with 12 tools, and the work efficiency is very high. As you can see in the picture, this 2030 CNC engraving machine has a horizontal spindle in addition to the vertical spindle. Drills can be installed on both sides of the horizontal spindle for horizontal drilling and milling of plates, which can save time for re-processing of plates.

ATC CNC Router With A Cutting Saw

ATC CNC Router With A Cutting Saw
This is an ATC CNC router machine with linear auto tool changer, and the tool magazine is equipped with 8 tools. In addition to the CNC router spindle, it is also equipped with a cutting saw blade on the gantry. Cutting saw is ideal for large-scale, straight-line cuts of large-area boards or planks, increasing machining efficiency and extending spindle life.

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