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Laser Cutting Machine: Everything You Need to Know
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Laser cutting machines make industrial project production safer, more efficient and more flexible. Whether you're looking to buy a metal laser cutting machine, a wood laser cutting machine, or you're having trouble running your laser cutting machine. Here you can find the answer you are looking for. Continue reading, click on the link you are interested in, and enter the detailed page.
Laser cutting machine is a kind of CNC machine. Different types of laser cutting machines have different working principles and different application fields. Learn how laser cutting machines work, which will help you understand the application advantages of laser cutting machines.
How Laser Cutting Machine works?
To choose the best laser cutting machine for your industrial project, you first need to understand the types of these machines and their application areas. You can confirm the type of laser cutter you need from here:
What is a Laser Cutting Machine used for?
After you have learned about the different types of laser cutting machines, you have already decided which laser cutting CNC machine to buy. Now you must be wondering how much does a laser cutting machine cost? Check out the prices of various laser cutters:
How much is a Laser Cutting Machine
According to the type of laser generator, we divide the laser cutting machine into fiber laser cutting machine and CO2 laser cutting machine. But even the same type of laser cutting CNC machine tools will still be divided into different models according to the application field. Therefore, after you have determined the type of laser cutting machine to buy according to your production needs, start choosing a specific model:
How to choose an industrial Metal Laser Cutting Machine
Through the above information, you have learned a very comprehensive knowledge of laser cutting machines. Below ACCTEK LASER will show you more guidance on laser cutting machine operation.

About Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

When you use fiber laser cutting machine to process metal, will you have the problem of cutting error. What causes these errors and how can they be avoided?
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine errors generate and avoid
Fiber laser cutting machines are expensive, but as long as you pay attention to daily maintenance, you can greatly reduce its operating costs and maintenance costs. Here are the maintenance measures for fiber laser cutting machines:
Fiber laser cutting machine maintenance measures in summer

Antifreeze measures for fiber laser cutting machine in winter

Maintenance method of fiber laser tube cutting machine
When the fiber laser cutting machine processes highly reflective materials (such as copper, aluminum, etc.), since the emitted laser beam will be largely reflected, improper operation will cause damage to the laser generator. However, as long as it is equipped with a suitable laser generator and adjusted with reasonable parameters, high-reflection materials can also obtain good cutting results.
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Guidelines for Highly Reflective Metal

The protective lens of the fiber laser cutting machine can be used to prevent dust and slag splash from damaging the focusing lens. If the protective lens is not properly selected, it will cause large laser loss, unstable product quality, and serious losses to the workshop. Therefore, choosing the right protective lens is a very important thing.
Selection of protective lens for fiber laser cutting machine
When you buy a fiber laser cutting machine, you will come across a choice of auto focus laser cutting heads and manual focus laser cutting heads. How are they different and what are the implications for your metal cutting projects.
Why Choose Auto Focus Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Fiber laser cutting machine for stainless steel is a common application in the industrial field. Under normal circumstances, users will get high-quality stainless steel workpieces, but sometimes they will encounter unsatisfactory cutting results. What factors will affect the cutting effect of stainless steel, and what are the methods to solve these problems.
How to achieve the ideal effect of laser cutting stainless steel
Fiber laser cutting machine is a professional metal cutting equipment. But when cutting thick metal, some users will encounter quality problems such as slag hanging. With certain methods, you can achieve higher cutting quality when laser cutting thick sheet metal.
How to better cut thick metal with fiber laser cutting machine
When operating a fiber laser cutting machine, if the nozzle is not coaxial with the laser output beam, in order to ensure effective cutting, the laser needs to be adjusted to the center of the nozzle. Here is how to adjust:
How to adjust the laser to the center of the nozzle in fiber laser cutter
Fiber laser cutting machine AKJ1325-2 is a CNC cutting equipment that combines CO2 laser head and fiber laser head. It can be used to cut metals and non-metals materials. But devices of this model sometimes run into problems with O2 alarms. Here is how to solve this problem:
Laser Cutting Machine 1325F-2 How to remove O2 alarm
Raycus laser sources are widely used in fiber laser metal cutting machines. If no laser is emitted when you use the laser cutting machine, it is possible that the signal line of the laser source is not connected properly. You can follow the steps below to solve this problem.
How to connect the signal wires of the fiber laser source

About CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

If you have purchased a CO2 laser cutting machine for your woodworking project and are using it for the first time. This article can help you when faced with blackening of cut wood:
Using a Laser Wood Cutting Machine guide for Beginner
When you use a CO2 laser cutting machine and encounter the CO2 laser not firing, it is usually due to an operating error rather than a real mechanical failure. You can use this guide to troubleshoot to get your laser cutter back up and running.
Reasons and Solutions for CO2 Laser does not shoot
If the CO2 laser cutting machine encounters uneven cutting material edges when processing thick acrylic, this problem can be avoided by some operating skills.
How to use CO2 laser machine to cut thick acrylic
This article is a comprehensive guide to all questions about laser cutting machines, and we will be continuously updating it. You can bookmark this article to view the relevant knowledge of laser cutting machine at any time.

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