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What advantages does cnc router have
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    Cnc router is widely used in many industries, so how much do you know about carving machine?The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of the engraving machine for you, and its linear guide rail and circular guide rail comparison, let you understand it.


    1. The vacuum adsorption pump has reasonable configuration, guaranteed power consumption and good adsorption performance.

    2. Twin-motor driven engraving machines are now relatively fast.The track of the engraving machine driven by the double motor adopts the linear square guide rail, which has a long service life, high precision, complete separation from the control mode, simple operation, and separation from the computer to avoid the damage of the bad environment to the computer.In addition, the X-axis's dust-proof structure prevents the machine from being damaged by the track sliders that enter the dust when moving at high speed.

    3, the number of each gear shaft on the rack from one to two, in order to ensure the machine in the long-term operation of the smooth operation, will not appear in the square not square and long term circular engraving after cutting the phenomenon.

Linear guide and circular guide:

    The function of the guide rail of the engraving machine is not balanced, which determines the processing ability and quality of the engraving machine.Therefore, in the purchase of equipment, woodworking carving machine manufacturers suggest customers, understand the use of the type of guide rail engraving machine, and according to their own processing needs to choose the right type of guide rail.

    Engraving machine use of the guide rail is divided into circular guide rail and linear guide rail.The two are mainly different in appearance.The shape of the circular rail is round, while the straight rail is also called the square rail, and the shape is cuboid.

    Considering the conflict and acceptable load, the square guides are square linear guides.This is a face-to-face, contact conflict.Large conflict force, uniform load.The oiling is usually smooth.However, the circular guide is a cylindrical linear guide.The collision is minimal, with a series of ball point contacts.There are a limited number of areas to support.Poor rigidity.Limited load capabilities.Only the radial bearing capacity is good, the axial bearing capacity is relatively small.In addition, the square track is wear-resistant, fast, small resistance, so it has more advantages.

    Linear guide product positioning accuracy is high, especially the collision coefficient is small, especially the static collision force and dynamic collision force between the distance is very small, even in the micro feed will not appear idling phenomenon, so that the engraving machine can be completed, long time to maintain the accuracy of the linear guide rolling collision force of the micro meter level positioning accuracy.In addition, it has a low conflict resistance, which can be reduced to 1/20~1/40 of the conflict resistance of sliding guide rail, especially smooth.

    In the selection, everyone should choose according to the needs, so as to reduce the cost and improve the processing efficiency.


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