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What are the methods of selecting the cutter and spindle of the cnc router
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    When you choose to use a cnc router, the choice of tools and spindle is very important, so as not to affect the late engraving progress and accuracy.So, do you know how to choose?

Tool selection:

    1. Nature of the material to be cut

    Wood cutting targets are solid wood and wood composites.Solid wood can be divided into cork, hardwood and modified wood.Wood composite materials include veneer laminated wood, plywood, particleboard, oriented particleboard, large particleboard, gypsum particleboard, cement particleboard, hard fiber-board, medium density fiber-board, high-density fiber-board, joinery board, glulam wood, etc.Some wood or wood composite work pieces shall be decorated with one or two sided veneers.

    2. Cutting direction

    In solid wood cutting, wood cutting is divided into longitudinal, transverse, end-to-end, and longitudinal end-to-end, longitudinal and transverse, and transverse end-to-end, depending on the direction of the blade relative to the lignofiber.

    3. Direction of tool rotation and feed direction

    According to the rotation direction of the cutter shaft and the feeding direction of the wood work piece, the tilt direction of the blade on the cutter is determined.

    4. Stability of tools and workpiece

    The stability of cutting tool and workpiece includes several aspects.The stability of the workpiece means that the wood workpiece is fed smoothly and does not jump during cutting.The measures to strengthen the stability of the workpiece mainly include reducing the | center of the workpiece weight and increasing the contact area.

    5. Machining surface quality requirements

    The surface quality of wood workpiece includes surface roughness, geometric dimension and shape position accuracy.

Spindle selection:

    The main shaft of cnc router is one of the important parts.The quality of the spindle directly affects the machining speed and precision of the engraving machine.How to choose high quality engraving machine spindle is very important.

    1. If you want to pursue the machining efficiency of the engraving machine, you need a spindle motor with a power of 3KW or larger for machining, for example, solid wood material.

    2. Whether the spindle motor USES high-precision bearing.If high precision bearings are not used, the performance of the spindle motor will overheat after a long time of high-speed rotation, affecting the service life of the spindle motor.

    3, see whether the main axis of the engraving machine rotation at different speeds, especially high-speed rotation, the sound is uniform and harmonious.

    4, check whether the main axis of the engraving machine radial force.The main reference is whether hard materials can be cut at high speed.Some spindles can only cut hard materials at a very low speed, otherwise the performance of the spindle will be seriously reduced, after a period of time will affect the spindle precision, or even cause problems.

    It is recommended that when choosing a cnc router, you should pay attention to the choice of tool and spindle type, as well as equipment specifications, so as to facilitate the work, and ensure the accuracy of engraving, so that the processed products can be directly put into use.


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