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Laser cutting machine technology
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1)Advantages and disadvantages of cutting


(1) fast cutting speed

A 1200W laser is used to cut a 2mm-thick low-carbon steel plate with a cutting speed of 600cm/min.Cutting 5mm thick polypropylene resin board, cutting speed up to 1200cm/min.The material does not need to be clamped and fixed in laser cutting, which can not only save the fixture, but also save the auxiliary time of loading and unloading.

(2) good cutting quality

Because of the small laser spot, high energy density and fast cutting speed, laser cutting can obtain better cutting quality.

The laser cutting cut is thin and narrow. The two sides of the cutting seam are parallel and perpendicular to the surface. The dimensional accuracy of the cutting parts can reach ±0.05mm.

The cutting surface is clean and beautiful, surface roughness is only a few dozen microns, and even laser cutting can be used as the last working procedure, without mechanical processing, parts can be directly used.

After laser cutting, the heat affected area width is very small, the performance of the material near the slit is almost not affected, and the workpiece deformation is small, high cutting accuracy, the geometric shape of the slit is good, the shape of the slit cross section presents a more regular rectangle.

(3) there are many kinds of cutting materials

Compared with oxy-acetylene cutting and plasma cutting, there are many kinds of laser cutting materials, including metal, non-metal, metal base and non-metal matrix composites, leather, wood and fiber.But for different materials, due to their own thermal physical properties and different absorption of laser, it shows different laser cutting adaptability.

(4) non-contact cutting

Laser cutting torch and workpiece no contact, no tool wear.Machining parts of different shapes, do not need to change the "tool", just change the laser output parameters.Laser cutting process low noise, small vibration, no pollution.

(5) high cutting efficiency

Due to the transmission characteristics of the laser, the laser cutting machine is generally equipped with a number of CNC worktables, the whole cutting process can all realize CNC.When operating, only need to change the numerical control program, can be applicable to different shape parts of the cutting, both can be two-dimensional cutting, but also can achieve three-dimensional cutting.


1, laser cutting due to the laser power and equipment volume restrictions, laser cutting can only cut medium and small thickness of the plate and pipe, and with the increase in the thickness of the workpiece, cutting speed decreased significantly.

2. High cost of laser cutting equipment, large one-time investment.


2)How to cut without burr

Laser cutting machine has applied in many industries, in the use of laser cutting machine, cutting burr, the workpiece in the process of machining, laser cutting machine parameter Settings, such as gas purity will affect the processing quality, using appropriate and qualified gas, mixing machine, adjust parameters, cutting the workpiece wouldn't have burrs.

Burrs are actually excess residue particles on the surface of a metal material.Laser cutting machine in the processing of the workpiece, laser beam irradiation on the surface of the workpiece, the energy produced to make the surface of the workpiece vaporization, to achieve the purpose of cutting.When cutting, auxiliary gas will be used to quickly blow off the slag on the metal surface, making the cutting section smooth without burrs.Cutting different materials with different auxiliary gases, if the gas is not pure, or the pressure is not enough to cause a small flow, will lead to slag blowing not clean, forming a burr.

Another reason is the setting of the device's parameters, such as the incorrect up and down position of the laser focus, and so on.

If the workpiece appears burr, it can be checked from the following aspects:

1. Whether the cutting gas is not pure enough, if not, replace the high quality cutting auxiliary gas.

2. If the laser focus position is correct, the focus position shall be tested and adjusted according to the offset of the focus.

3. If the output power of the laser is enough, check whether the laser works normally. If it is normal, observe whether the output value of the laser control button is correct and adjust accordingly.

4. The linear cutting speed of the cutting machine is too slow, so it is necessary to increase the linear speed during operation.

5. The machine is unstable due to the long operation time of the machine, so it needs to be shut down and restarted to let the machine have a rest.

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