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What CNC Router should i buy

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If you are planning to buy a CNC router machine to start your next woodworking project, you must have a lot of questions when you decide to buy a CNC machine. To help you make the best choice, we provide you with some CNC router machine buying tips. Hope it helps you find the perfect machine for your needs.

CNC router machine is a kind of highly automated equipment, which controls the running track of the machine through the computer system, and completes all the work of the hand router more efficiently and accurately. This CNC router machine is specialized for cutting, drilling, milling and engraving various materials.
CNC Router Machine

Factors to consider when buying a CNC router machine


The type of CNC router machine you need

Not every CNC router you come across is right for your task, nor is an expensive CNC router better suited for your project. The choice of machine must be based on your needs to get the most benefit. CNC router machines are available in different shapes and sizes, which offers users a variety of options, some of which include:
Desktop CNC router machine: suitable for hobbyists or small advertising agencies.
Heavy duty CNC router machine: suitable for small furniture companies or wooden door manufacturers.
Automatic CNC router: suitable for complex woodworking projects or custom furniture manufacturing enterprises.
4-axis, 5-axis CNC router machine: suitable for 3D woodworking models such as ship models and car models, or 3D artworks such as Buddha statues and human figures.

The size of CNC router machine you need

The size of the CNC router machine mentioned here refers to the size of the machine's worktable. This depends on the maximum material size you need to process.
The CNC machine with a working area of ​​4×4 (1200×1200mm) is suitable for beginners or advertisers for processing small workpieces or advertising signs, etc.
The CNC machine tool with a working area of ​​4×8 (1300×2500mm) or 5×10 (1530×3000mm) is suitable for the processing of door panels, cabinet panels and other items.
Here are several machine models that are widely used. If you need a mini or large size table, CNC router manufacturers can customize it according to your needs. Also, after sizing your machine, you also need to consider the shop floor to make sure your machine is accessible and has enough space to place it.
CNC Router Machine

The CNC router machine spindle power you need

The power of the CNC router spindle motor is too large, which not only increases the purchase cost, but also wastes electric energy. If the power is too small, the demand of CNC machine will not be satisfied. Therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate spindle motor power. This is mainly selected according to the material to be processed.
If you are an advertising company and the materials to be processed are relatively soft materials such as acrylic, wood, plastic, etc., the spindle power can be selected from 1500W-3000W. This range of spindle power can meet your machining needs while saving you purchase and running costs.
The CNC wood router spindle power of the needs to be selected according to the hardness of the wood to be processed, generally between 2200W-4500W, this method is reasonable.
Because of the high hardness of the material processed by the stone CNC router machine, the spindle power is relatively high, generally between 4500W-7500W, and the most commonly used spindle motor is 5500W.
The spindle power required by the CNC metal router is higher, generally between 5500W-9000W.

Stepper motor or Servo motor

Choosing the right motor for your CNC router machine is critical to the efficiency and productivity of your motion control. There are many factors to consider: cost, torque, efficiency, speed, and more.
CNC router machines that are small size or do not require too high processing speed can choose stepper motors. This is a compact and economical solution for general engraving and cutting needs.
Servo motors are suitable for CNC router machines that large size and high-speed processing. They run faster than stepper motors and provide more consistent torque throughout the speed range of the machine. Servo motors are best suited for applications that require improved positioning accuracy and resolution. But it's also more expensive.

After-sales service

When buying a CNC router machine, after-sales service is often overlooked. However, you need a CNC machine supplier who can provide reliable after-sales service and technical support. Especially for CNC router beginners, how to use the machine after you receive it, and how to troubleshoot it after encountering a fault, these are the problems you need to deal with.
Good after-sales service can quickly and effectively help you solve your operational problems and machine failures together. This saves you more time and improves your skills in operating your CNC router engraving machine.
Good Feedback from users

There are many more factors to consider when buying a CNC machine. For now, however, these are the keys to starting your CNC router plan. With the guide above, you can choose the machine that best meets your needs within your budget.

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