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How much is a Laser Cutting Machine

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A laser cutting machine can provide your workshop with a fast and efficient way to cut, hollow out and engrave items. Engraving and cutting projects with a laser machine are more precise and have better edges than other cutting techniques.

Laser cutting renderings
The price and cost of laser cutting machines vary widely, mainly related to laser machine type, power, configuration and cutting capacity. If you plan to cut and engrave non-metallic materials like wood, acrylic, cloth, leather, etc., then you need a CO2 laser cutting machine. If you need to cut and hollow out metal sheets and tubes, then you need a fiber laser cutting machine. The price difference between the two is huge. This article will provide you with a laser cutting machine price reference based on the type of laser cutting machine.

How much is a CO2 laser cutting machine

First of all, before buying a laser cutting machine, you need to clarify your cutting needs. The CO2 laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting non-metallic materials, and can be used in the clothing industry, car seat cushion production, furniture industry and advertising industry, etc. CO2 laser cutters are very cheap, and their price ranges from $2500 to $6000.
CO2 laser cutting machine

Small CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Common models of CO2 laser cutting machines are AKJ1390 and AKJ1610. The working size of these two types of laser machines is 1300×900mm and 1600×1000mm. They are suitable for cutting acrylic, leather and other materials for the production of advertising signs, wallet belts, etc. This basic cutting machine costs around $3,500.
If you need to process fabrics, you can add an automatic feeding device to the laser machine, which will improve the processing efficiency of fabrics. If the pattern you engrave or cut is very complex, you can add a CCD device to the machine. It is professionally used for rapid information collection of irregular materials, which can achieve fast and accurate cutting. In addition, the number of laser cutting heads can also be selected according to processing needs. The ability to complete multiple consistent projects at the same time increases shop floor efficiency. For the prices of these optional configurations, you can consult with the sales staff.

Large CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

The common models of large-size CO2 laser cutting machines are AKJ1325 and AKJ1530, and the working size of these two types of laser machines is 1300×2500mm and 1500×3000mm. They are more suitable for processing large-sized materials such as furniture panels or door panels, and the price is about 5,000 US dollars.

Metal and Non-metal Laser Cutting Machines

In addition to processing non-metallic materials, CO2 laser cutting machines can also cut some metals, including only stainless steel and carbon steel. At this point you need to add a metal laser cutting head to the machine. The price of this kind of metal and non-metal laser cutting machine is often more than 6000 US dollars. This has a lot to do with the power you choose, the type of motor, etc.

How much is a fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of CNC laser cutting equipment professionally used in the manufacture of metal projects, and is more used in the field of industrial manufacturing. The price of the cheapest fiber laser cutting machine is also tens of thousands of dollars, which is much more expensive than the CO2 laser cutting machine. But its advantages are also more obvious.
First, fiber laser cutting machines are much more electrically efficient than CO2 lasers, which means they are less expensive to run. And because fiber laser cutters have a more stable structure with fewer moving parts, they are also less expensive to maintain. Although fiber laser cutters are initially expensive, they are more efficient and stable than CO2 lasers. Best of all, it's professionally used for machining metal projects.
Because the fiber laser cutting machine specializes in cutting metal materials, it needs professional metal laser cutting heads, high-power fiber lasers (1000W-12000W), more stable servo motors and professional metal cutting systems. These high-demand configurations determine that the price of fiber laser cutting machines is expensive.
Fiber laser cutting machine

Metal Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

ACCTEK's cheapest fiber laser cutting machine is priced at $18,600, which is a basic metal cutting equipment. The 1000W fiber laser cutting machine can cut up to 10mm carbon steel and 5mm stainless steel. In addition to 1000W, 1500W and 2000W laser generators are also available.
The power selection of the fiber laser generator has a great impact on the price. The greater the cutting power, the more stable the corresponding drive system and control system should be. This means that the price of the whole machine will be higher. A high-end 12KW fiber laser cutting machine has a minimum price of more than 100,000 US dollars.

Professional Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine

The tube laser cutting machine has higher automation functions and higher tube cutting accuracy. The basic tube laser cutting equipment is priced at $41,900, and the tube cutting machine with automatic feeding device starts at $70,900. This type of laser cutting machine is mainly used in residential pipelines, building decoration, construction machinery and other industrial fields.

How to choose the right laser cutting machine

Through the above introduction, you can understand that the prices of different types of laser machine vary greatly. Therefore, users can only maximize the benefits of the machine within a reasonable budget by choosing the laser cutting equipment that suits their needs.
1. Identify the type of material that needs to be processed. Whether it is a non-metallic material or a metal material, it is judged which laser cutting machine to choose.
2. Determine the required cutting efficiency and cutting accuracy, and then judge the selected laser generator power.
3. Determine the size of the material that needs to be cut, and then choose the appropriate size of the laser cutting machine table.
3. Selection of core components of laser cutting machine. Including lasers, laser cutting heads, motor types, control systems, etc.
ACCTEK LASER offers you many types of CNC laser cutting machines. If you have other needs, we can provide you with customized models. For more laser cutting machine information, you can communicate online.

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