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Is Laser Cleaning safe?
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As a new industrial cleaning method, laser cleaning technology is gradually gaining more influence. However, the birth and application of a new technology is bound to be accompanied by many questions and doubts. This includes some questions such as whether laser cleaning is effective, whether laser cleaning is safe, and so on. If you are planning to buy a laser cleaning machine and do not know enough about its performance, the introduction of this article can provide you with a reference.

How does laser cleaning work?

Before solving your problem, let's understand how laser cleaning machines work. This can provide a basis for whether it is safe or not.
The principle of laser cleaning is to irradiate thousands of focused laser pulses on the surface of the material. After the contaminants absorb the beam, the chemical bonds are broken, so that they become gases or tiny particles that are sloughed off the surface of the material and removed. Laser cleaning technology can effectively remove rust, oil, paint, cement and other contaminants.
Principle of laser cleaning

Is laser cleaning safe?

By understanding the principle of laser cleaner, we can confirm the safety of laser cleaning.
The laser cleaning machine completes the surface cleaning of the material by emitting a laser beam. Because the laser beam is selective, cleaning the workpiece by focusing it on a localized area, it does not harm any part or the operator outside of the laser beam. Plus, the laser won't blast debris or other contaminant particles into the surrounding space, ensuring it won't contaminate your workshop.
Laser cleaning has no requirements on the working environment and does not require the use of any cleaning media, which also proves that it has a high degree of safety. The reasons are as follows:
In traditional cleaning methods, dry ice blasting requires a well-ventilated space, because the use of dry ice can lead to a large amount of CO2 accumulation, which can be dangerous for operators in a closed environment. And because dry ice is so cold, operators need to wear multiple layers of protective gear, including gloves, jackets and earmuffs, to ensure safety. Chemical cleaning, on the other hand, requires the use of chemicals, which are not only harmful to the environment, but can also endanger operator health.
Through the comparison of various cleaning methods, you can understand that laser cleaning has many aspects of safety.
Laser cleaning process

Laser Cleaning Safety Basics

While laser cleaning is relatively risk-free, some safety precautions are still required before operating laser cleaning equipment.
1. Before operating the laser cleaning machine, you should receive training. This is very important especially for beginners in laser cleaning. Professional training can ensure that you know how to use the equipment correctly and safely. Training also includes understanding which settings are best for your specific cleaning needs to ensure you can achieve the finest cleaning results without damaging the material.
2. Always wear laser safety glasses during laser cleaning. Laser cleaning is safe, but the laser light emitted can cause certain damage to the retina and cornea, so laser protection is very important for your glasses. In addition, after turning on the power, do not look directly at the light outlet of the cleaning machine gun. During the cleaning operation, it is also necessary to avoid the eyes and the light outlet of the cleaning machine on the same level.
3. Non-metallic materials, including paper, cloth, leather and other combustible materials, may bring flammability risks if exposed to the laser emission area for a long time. Therefore, flammable materials should be removed from the laser work area before laser cleaning.
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