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Daily Maintenance Of laser Marking Machine

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As the most advanced laser marking equipment in the world, the fiber laser marking machine has a wide application range. It has good beam quality, fast marking speed, small size and convenient use. And the working life is long, and it has been favored in the marking industry.
To achieve the normal use of fiber laser marking machine and long life, daily cleaning, maintenance and maintenance is essential. ACCTEK provides you with some daily maintenance methods for laser marking machine, and hope it will be helpful for you to use the marking machine.
1. In the process of use should be strictly in accordance with the operating procedures to avoid damage to the fiber laser marking machine.
2. When the fiber laser marking machine is not working, cut off the power of the laser marking machine and the computer, close the field lens cap to prevent dust from contaminating the optical lens.
3. If there is any trouble with laser marking machine, please cut off the power immediately.
4. If the device is used for a long time, the dust in the air will be absorbed on the lower surface of the focusing lens. The lighter will reduce the power of the laser and affect the marking effect; the heavy one will cause the optical lens to overheat and cause it to burst. When the marking effect is not good, carefully check the surface of the focusing lens for contamination.
5. If the surface of the focusing lens is contaminated, remove the focusing lens and clean its lower surface.
6. Take special care when removing the focusing lens, be careful not to damage or drop it, and do not touch the focusing lens surface with your hand or other objects.
7. The cleaning method is to mix anhydrous ethanol (analytical grade) with ether (analytical grade) in a ratio of 3:1, and infiltrate the mixture with a long-fiber cotton swab or lens paper, and gently scrub the lower surface of the focusing lens. On one side, the cotton swab or lens paper must be replaced once.
8. The appearance of the laser marking equipment is clean. Before and after each use, the necessary wiping, to ensure that the equipment is dust-free, clean is the key, and the equipment environment is also clean.
9. In the working process of the marking machine, do not move the laser marking machine to avoid damaging the machine.
10. Do not cover the stacker or put other items on the fiber laser marking machine, so as not to affect the heat dissipation effect of the machine.
11. It is strictly forbidden to arbitrarily change the main components of the protection circuit and the fiber laser marking machine.
The above is the daily maintenance method of the optical fiber marking machineIf you encounter other problems while operating the marking machine, you can contact us online at any time. ACCTEK will provide you with a reliable solution.

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