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It should be cherished as the core accessory of the cnc machine

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    The spindle is the core accessories of engraving machine equipment, especially the spindle used by CNC woodworking processing center is more high-end high match, the price is also higher, more attention should be paid to maintenance and maintenance.Engraving machine spindle is mainly divided into air - cooled spindle and water - cooled spindle.According to the customer's processing technology, as well as the customer's processing environment can be selectively configured.
    Due to the factors of working environment, the spindle is the largest equipment accessories that contact the workpiece and scrap, and the performance of the spindle also greatly affects the processing technology.Therefore, in the daily production and processing we must do a good job of spindle maintenance and maintenance work.
    (1) A thousand work to clean the spindle motor, if this habit formed, the most important maintenance of the spindle motor will be done.
    (2) After each day's work, the operator shall use a vacuum cleaner to clean the waste chips on the rotor end of the spindle motor and the motor terminal to prevent waste chips from accumulating on the rotor end and terminal so as to avoid waste chips from entering the bearing and accelerate the wear of the high-speed bearing;Avoid scrap to enter the wiring terminal and cause short circuit and burn down of motor.
    (3) Each time the clamping device is installed and the tool is changed, the operator must unscrew the clamping head of the pressure cap, and the tool cannot be changed by directly inserting or pulling the tool.
    (4) After discharging the knife, the clamping head and pressing cap shall be cleaned.
    (5) The operator must clean up the cutting tools, clamping head and pressing cap when loading the knife.This detail, the life of the spindle motor can be greatly extended.
    (6) After starting up, the operator must check the working state of the cooling water of the motor, check whether the water pump is working normally, check whether the cooling water is polluted by scale and microorganism, check whether the pipeline is in normal condition, and ensure the normal circulation of the cooling water.It is forbidden to start the spindle motor without cooling water passing through it.
    (7) The spindle motor must be used according to the specification.
In addition to the above provisions, operators without training are strictly prohibited from operating on the job.Spindle failure, do not disassemble at will, to timely contact the manufacturer for maintenance and troubleshooting.

    What is the solution when the following problems occur to the motor?
    1: The motor is making strange noises
Solution: Check whether the motor is overloaded;It is possible that the motor internal fault should be sent to repair or replace in time.
    2. Motor reversal occurs
Solution: Directly check whether the motor line is out of phase or replace the output UVW end (i.e., the inverter is connected to the spindle motor line).
    3: Woodworking engraving machine spindle motor appears hot situation
Solution: Check whether the pump is working first, and then check whether the circulating water is low to the liquid level.
    4: The motor has no power and cannot turn
Solution: Check the circuit to see if the motor wire is out of phase and if the cable is short.
    5: Wood engraving machine spindle reverse phenomenon
Solution: woodworking engraving machine work process, engraving machine spindle reverse, is due to the inverter connected to the spindle of the line connected to the opposite, casually change two can be turned.
    When the spindle is reversed, if you carve the density board, you will have a bad knife. If the knife is put in, it will probably break.Even if not broken, will be burned, so this abnormal phenomenon, the operator should stop immediately, check the engraving machine spindle.

    Woodworking engraving machine suddenly carved deep how should do?
    In the engraving, the machine suddenly becomes deeper and deeper. From another point of view, the shaft fails. The most common reason is the failure of the Z-axis drive block.Switch the X-axis and Z-axis drivers, and then start up to try. If the Z-axis problem is solved, it means that the drive block is out of order or the Z-axis motor coupling is loose, which needs to be tightened with a wrench.Of course in the worst case is a b axis motor problems, then you need to contact manufacturer, to repair or replacement, another may be d trojans had destroyed the macro control system, computer network users will inevitably interference by the trojans, control system is likely to be destroyed after some puzzling problems, such as woodworking engraving machine carved ever deeper or more time more shallow, carving machine, etc.Encounter this kind of problem should reinstall sculpture software in time.The problem that this client encountered was that the last kind of control system was destroyed by a virus program. The main reason was that the client often used the USB disk to read files, and the USB disk was poisoned and infected the system files in the computer controlling the woodworking engraving machine.
    Finally, the system was redone, the carving software was installed, and the machine was fixed.Sometimes woodworking engraving machine in the operation will encounter such or such problems, in fact, most are caused by misoperation, but there is no denying that sometimes is the aging of the machine or a part of the broken, in a word, there is a problem in time to contact, do not repair the machine.

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