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What are the factors that affect the machining accuracy of CNC engraving machine

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    With supporting typesetting software, online design, 3D rendering, one-button folding, optimized typesetting, automatic hole arrangement and other functions can be realized.Equipped with vacuum adsorption table, the three processes of drilling, slotting and feeding are completed once feeding, which greatly improves the processing efficiency.And install the different shape of the flower knife, can completely achieve the function of carving machine, do cabinet door, wooden door modeling, compared to the engraving machine is worse than nothing
    So the opening machine and engraving machine has the part of the function of re - commission, and the appearance of the two kinds of equipment also look similar, but because of the difference in emphasis, resulting in the two equipment in the market price bed structure, technical requirements and other aspects are not small differences.
    First of all, take the price, the traditional single head engraving machine, multi-process engraving machine is lower than the corresponding material opening machine equipment price of 20,000 yuan or so, and the price is only about the data, because the market price of the opening machine because of the different configuration changes quite big.
    The price of the opening machine is expensive mainly because compared with the engraving machine, the overall configuration is higher, the bed weight of the opening machine is half or even one time heavier than the engraving machine.And most of the material opening machine chooses 1.5 die rack, 25 or 30 guide rail to start, higher than the engraving machine a class, the brand choice is also more careful than engraving machine, more excellent, and all this is to meet the use of the opening machine performance.The material opener is used for the plate material such as high-precision, heavy load work.The average processing speed of CNC material cutter can reach 5m/min. The cut plate requires no cracks, serrations, wavy lines and other defects of the heavy-duty bed. The high-quality guide rail and rack can ensure that the machine will not be deformed in the process of long-term high-speed operation.While the cutting machine to do plate material opening speed is slow, low precision, long time heavy load operation, seriously affect the service life of equipment.
    In addition, the choice of the spindle is another difference between the two, the size of the spindle power affects the machining effect, so for high speed cutting boot, need to choose the high-power spindle, common 4.5KW, 6KW, 9KW, 12KW, etc., and the engraving machine selection power is generally small.
    There are also differences between the material opener and the engraving machine in terms of plate fixation: the material opener is basically based on the vacuum adsorption table, which needs to increase the adsorption pump this accessory, which is also one of the reasons for the cost increase.A lot of customers will say when buying a machine, the processing of the whole board with adsorption table is very good, but the processing of small plate adsorption pump will be very expensive, so want to absorb the dual purpose of the table, but there is a deviation in this cognition, its adsorption effect is not better than the full adsorption table.Now the adsorption table is divided, small plates can open a single adsorption area to achieve the purpose of saving electricity.For the adsorption pump is divided into two types of air cooling and water cooling, the air cooling adsorption pump noise is larger, but the water cooling adsorption pump needs to pay attention to winter antifreeze problem, so we can choose the appropriate adsorption pump according to the local regional climate.
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    What are the factors that affect the machining accuracy of CNC engraving machine?
    For the machine, we first look at the verticality between axes, planeness, positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy, etc., taking the positioning accuracy as a simple example of 0.01mm/300mm, this is the equipment every 300mm travel, can achieve
    The highest theoretical accuracy is at 0.01mm.Specifically to see the technical list of data, the establishment of objective conceptual knowledge, machinery and equipment to meet the design requirements of the premise, which affects the machining accuracy, from the following eight brief explanation
    1. Selection of tools, machining accuracy errors caused by worn tools and intact tools
    2, processing material, the same processing technology, processing different materials caused by the processing precision error, such as processing marble and processing aluminum alloy, due to the hardness of the material is different, in the machine itself under the constraints of hardware conditions, not only the processing precision cannot be guaranteed, sometimes even lead to tool fracture, or damage to the machine
    3. Whether the parts to be processed are firmly fixed, due to the presence of torque in the carving process, if not completely fixed, often slightly offset position, when the knife processing, will affect the final processing quality
    4, to be processed products fixed plane flatness problem, it caused is the depth of processed products, not up to the design standards, and even the service life of audio carving knife, the depth of the knife, and even cause tool fracture.
    5, electromagnetic interference problem, CNC CNC system, has a certain anti-interference ability, but sometimes is the problem of the invisible electromagnetic field between the machines, disturb the engraving program, affect the data output, leading to processing business trip, so the grounding line is necessary.
    6. The power supply of the equipment will affect the normal operation of the control system, so a stable voltage and current device can be installed
    7. Temperature, abnormal temperature will also cause errors in the control system, manifested in the driving torque not reaching the set value.
    8. The cutting fluid, oil and dust in the processing environment will affect the heat dissipation performance of the equipment parts and the performance of photosensitive components.
    To sum up, in the actual precision machining process, the machining precision is not ideal, cnc carving machine performance is one of them, and it is also closely related to human operation, many small details of the negligence led to a large error, training to understand the necessary operation procedures, is a necessary link in the production and processing.
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