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How to operate a woodworking cnc router

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    Some customers in the purchase of woodworking engraving machine will always have such or such concerns, woodworking engraving machine good operation?What can I do if I can't learn?In fact, don't worry, although the woodworking engraving machine is completely automated mechanical processing, but this seems to be very complex woodworking engraving machine operation, as long as the heart to learn, is very easy to learn, there is nothing difficult to learn, today small make up for the woodworking engraving machine operation to give you a simple introduction:
Working principle:
    Engraving machine by computer, engraving machine controller, engraving machine mainframe three parts.Working principle: is a special sculpture through computer configuration software to carry on the design and layout and the design and layout of the information by computer automatically sent to carving machine controller, and then by the controller can convert the information to drive stepper motor or servo motor with a power signal (burst), control engraving machine host generated, Z three-axis carving knife subgrade diameter.At the same time, the high speed rotating engraving head on the engraving machine can cut the machining materials fixed on the main machine workbench according to the cutter configured with the machining material, and then the various plane or three-dimensional relief graphics and characters designed in the computer can be carved to realize the automatic engraving operation.
    Engraving machine has laser engraving and mechanical engraving two kinds, both of which have high power and small power.Because the engraving machine is used in a wide range of applications, it is necessary to understand the most appropriate engraving machine application range:
    1. Badge: low-power laser engraving machine (seal engraving machine), high-power or low-power computer engraving machine
    2. Architectural model: large and small power computer engraving machine
    3. Metal (mold, seal, etc.) processing: large and small power computer engraving machine (high power saves time because of more cutting each time)
    4. Crystal word production: high-power laser engraving machine (above 50W), high-power mechanical engraving machine
    5, wood, plexiglass, artificial stone and other signage production: high-power mechanical engraving machine;
    6. Model making for display and exhibition: high-power and large-format mechanical engraving machine
    7, ceramic, mold blank, jade, handicrafts, decorations, pendant, electronic fixture hand plate carving: high-power computer carving machine
Operation steps:
    1. Before using the woodworking engraving machine, first make sure that all the connection between the machine and the computer is normal, then turn on the power supply of the machine and the computer.After the system is started, enter the NCStudio NUMERICAL control system.
    2. Open the control system and select the menu back to the mechanical origin.The machine will automatically return to the mechanical origin and correct the system coordinate system.In some cases, the user does not have to perform a mechanical reset operation, such as after the last normal shutdown, when the machine is restarted and the last operation is resumed.When the NCStudio system exits normally, the current coordinate information is saved and can be left out if the user confirms that the current location is correct.
    3. Before processing, the user should first load the processing program to be searched, otherwise, some functions related to automatic processing are invalid.Select the Open (F) Open (O) menu, which brings up the Windows standard File Manipulation dialog box, from which you can select the drive, path, and file name where you want to open the file.After clicking the Open button, the processor loads the system.
    4. Determine the origin of the workpiece, manually walk X and Y directions of the woodworking engraving machine to the desired origin position of the workpiece, choose to set the current point as the origin menu of the workpiece, or set the coordinate value of the current position to zero in the coordinate window, so that the current position will be used as the starting point for processing when the processing program is executed.
    How to?Is very simple, in fact, as a normal woodworking carving factory house, is a specialized technician do training to the customer, to everyone as long as the heart follow technician to study, by the way, in the third point mentioned process, actually is the carving path, is the need for engraving software, but it is not very difficult, for batch processing of customer, can let the technician to do you need path ahead of time, you don't need to make the path.

    The client that inquired engraving machine knows woodworking engraving machine to have machine of engraving of single head and much head to carve cent of machine, besides exterior appearance and price differ somewhat, the control ark system inside its also differs somewhat, for example: machine of engraving of woodworking of single head needs 4 drive and motor to be able to control only, and machine of engraving of woodworking of much head?Then at least 5 drives, and sometimes even more, and must use independent cabinet to complete the arrangement, today xiaobian for woodworking engraving machine single head and multi to do woodworking industry customers do under the explanation and analysis.
    Woodworking industry is a huge category is known to all, can be subdivided into multiple, which requires the carving factory home production of various types of woodworking engraving machine, single head general equipped with high-power water-cooled or air-cooled woodworking engraving machine spindle motor (this is the customer's requirements, and area, northern cold, easy to freeze, suitable for air cooling spindle motor, the south is warm, water-cooled spindle motor for easy), the main do cutting and engraving, cutting, is refers to hollow out beautiful case, 2 cm below the plank one size fits all, more than 2 centimeters plank to stratified cutting, relief means of hanging panel and screen and so on, such as eight jun figure,And long woodworking engraving machine is equipped with general small power 1.5 kw and 2.2 kw spindle motor, suitable for furniture factory carved bedside table and often use of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, general equipped with 2-10 head, see the customer's requirements, the advantages of long woodworking engraving machine is self-evident, improve processing efficiency, suitable for mass production, but in the engraving process can only be the same pattern, if use long woodworking engraving machine for relief, so the spindle motor power is a bit small, but there's a big among three woodworking engraving machine spindle, both sides small spindle, a hollow out beautiful case, use the middle big spindle motor, when making reliefs,Then three spindle motor can work at the same time, batch processing.Xiaobian in some customers to do the introduction, especially like to recommend this machine, the price is not too high, more than 20,000 can be bought.Well, knowing these knowledge, I believe that we should be able to determine their own to buy which woodworking engraving machine.
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