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How good is the model 1325 woodworking engraving machine

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    Industry users the most commonly used engraving machine number is 1325 model, but there are many users of the number "1325" is not very understanding, so that causes the machine when the choose and buy a lot of misunderstanding, actually the number 1325 is easy to understand, it's the largest refers to the engraving machine processing area of 1 m 3 x 2 m 5, this is mainly because more wood on the market for 1 m 2 x 2 m 44, so 1325 types of engraving machine has become the industry of choice for customers, feed height generally set is 200 mm, but can according to customer's carving material thickness to debug,The spindle motor is generally determined by the hardness of the customer's engraving material.
    Is it anything that can be carved?Is door, chair wait for lumber to be able to carve, what decorative pattern can oneself computer designs, what decorative pattern can carve?Actually otherwise, first 1325 woodworking carving machine can be divided into plane carving machine and three-dimensional carving machine, wooden door is planar, desk leg chair leg is three-dimensional, this needs different 125 woodworking carving machine to carve, of course, also have round carving flat carving machine woodworking carving machine, but the price wants some more expensive.Second, even if raw material is plane, also points have different working procedure, some 1325 woodworking engraving machine is single head, have a plenty of long, wooden door, cabinet door sculpture, for example, single head of 1325 woodworking engraving machine carving procedure, the only product, if you want to carving process products will constantly change knife, manual tool change up and down too much trouble, and thus developed the multiple spindle automatic tool change engraving machine and a main shaft with N knife knife library, can achieve the result of automatic tool change, time, speed is fast.So no one woodworking engraving machine is particularly versatile, the final look or customer demand and industry.

    As is known to all, CNC engraving machine is fully automated mechanical processing equipment, but then automated mechanical equipment, more or less also need some manual assistance.For example, the use of a very wide range of CNC engraving machine equipment, although it is fully automated engraving processing technology, but the loading and unloading tools still need manual assistance to complete.What factors and common sense of safety should be paid attention to when loading and unloading knives for engraving machines?
    1, when the knife, to use gasoline or WD40 cleaning agent to clean the collet and cap.
    2. Put the chuck into the press cap, otherwise the tool will not be easily installed. If the chuck is not clamped in the press cap, the chuck will be clamped in the motor shaft and cannot be removed when unloading the tool.
    3, before clamping should pay attention to whether the chuck and the selected tool match, otherwise the tool can not be installed tight.
    4, when clamping the tool, the tool out of the chuck part is not straight too long, otherwise in the processing process is easy to produce vibration, affect the workpiece surface processing quality.
    5. When changing the tool, the spindle speed must be guaranteed to be zero, that is, it is allowed to remove the tool only when the spindle stops, otherwise serious personal injury accidents are likely to occur.
    6, if the use of foot engraving, you must use a vacuum cleaner to clean the foot and the spindle of the dust, then clamp the tool.
    7, in the process of squeezing the cap upward, be sure to press the cap on the rotor thread, the first hand in the case of effortless twist in place.
    8. When discharging the knife, use the air gun to clean the waste debris on the pressure cap and rotor shaft before discharging the knife.
    In strict accordance with the engraving cutter handling knowledge, not only can ensure the safety of loading and unloading, but also can avoid the occurrence of loading and unloading problems.

    Everyone knows any equipment is a life, such as television, refrigerator, air conditioner and cars, woodworking carving machine is not exceptional also, generally speaking, the service life of wood carving machine is in 6 to 8 years, maintenance of the fine, with a 10 years is not a problem, but the small make up also met with a two or three years will not be able to use the machine, all of this is because the customer not to do maintenance and maintenance, our technical personnel on-site training at ordinary times, can teach customers considerations and methods in maintenance and simple here today woodworking engraving machine under the interpretation of the ordinary maintenance work:
    1: Woodworking engraving machine part of the brain, belongs to the electronic equipment, the factory dust will accumulate in the computer main case, especially in summer, the computer cooling is not good, it will be easy to burn the circuit board, in order to keep the smooth operation of the computer, but also need to regularly sterilize and sort out the disk debris.
    2: When using woodworking carving machine in winter, it is necessary to pay attention to the water in the water tank in time when not using the machine, in order to prevent the water tank and water pipe from freezing crack.The temperature of the operation workshop had better be appropriately high, winter is easy to lead to woodworking engraving machine water tank ice phenomenon.The temperature does not have a great impact on the woodworking engraving machine, but because the user adds butter to the screw and forgets to clean it in winter, the machine does not start up and run every time. Some studios have a very low temperature, although the oil is added, it can still freeze up and the machine cannot run.
    3: Walk back and forth slowly after filling oil, to ensure that lubricating oil can be evenly added to the guide rail and lead screw.If the machine is not used for a long time, it should be refueled and left empty regularly to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system.First clean the guide rail and lead screw, can use cloth (do not depilate) to clean the guide rail and lead screw oil and material debris.Because the temperature is low, you can put the guide rail and lead screw with oil, it is best to add antifreeze oil.The refueling cycle is twice a month, that is, once every two weeks.Add cooling water or coolant to the CNC economy wood engraving machine and keep the cooling water free of impurities.
    4. It is necessary to clean the lead screw, industrial control box and circuit board regularly and timely clean the working table, including the guide rail and the material debris beside the guide rail, so as to prevent the machine from jamming due to debris in the working process.The appearance of wood carving machine, greatly improved the production efficiency, but the customer in the purchase of wood carving machine, usually also want to pay more attention to maintenance work.

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